Saturday, 18 June 2022

Bigger and smaller?

 I thought I'd take a break from painting tiny models for a bit and do some bigger stuff. I've had a few 40K projects sitting around waiting to be done so I started working on those:

New Imperial Guard

First off, I finished off the Rescue Russ. It came up pretty well and fits in nicely with my existing armour:

I also finished the assembly of a squad that's been waiting for parts FOR ever:


They've finally arrived so what will become a squad of Cadian Stormtroopers (none of this Tempestus Scions BS) and I'm just going to hope this will work in the 9e Codex! This is another one of the really cool GW multi-part kits and TBH, I have no idea why it's getting a resculpt for the 9e Codex although  I'm of that opinion of almost all the revealed new designs so far. Why new Sentinels?

And other stuff!

Despite the break, I have also gotten moving on some of the smaller stuff. First off, platoon-a-month mortars for Flames of War:

The release of the Flames of War LW Bulge German lists (especially the Volksgrenadiers) has reignited my enthusiasm for this work so with these done, its just the Grenadiers to go. I gave a Volksgrenadier list a test run against Blogger Scotty yesterday and oof. Reluctant/Trained/Aggressive infantry is very....brittle. The theory I wanted to try out sort of works - being really aggressive and trying to concentrate some fairly rubbish troops at a point - I just did it very badly.

That was the casualty pile in turn three of a game where Scotty didn't shoot meaningfully on turn one. I learned that I don't like Tigers as much as I thought I did, never use Follw Me! when you're Reluctant when you could just Blitz and it's less bad and 2 Panzerschrecks and Panzerfaust 2 are awesome. Also 30cm Nebelwerfers are very very scary.

I've also done a little bit of painting on my ADLG-R Spaniards:

I hate painting horses in ways I can barely begin to describe so I thought I'd start with the cavalry in this army. The generals were a nice place to start learning about how Khurasan sculpts come out. They are stunning and I love how they're coming up. I've done the grind work on the horses for my caracoling pistoliers too so they'll be the next task for this army. 

Next Time

I'm working on a plan to get through the backlog for the second half of the year so that''ll be next week - with a bit of an idea of where it's going.


Pooch's May update

Ok, so last blog I was early, this blog I am even later than my usual late blog posts each month!

But I hear the question you are asking, did my lateness translate to progress?

1. Paint a platoon of DAK each month

I ended up having a very busy month of painting all of the things for Silver Bayonet (read on dear reader if you want to know more about that!), so I opted for a simple painting project for this month, a Bison platoon, comprising of 2 Bison!

"Just the two of us, we can make it if we try...."

They are neat models, with a 15cm gun, married to a lengthened Panzer II chassis. Will they be effective? Maybe? But do they look good? Heck yea!

I'm pretty close to the full completed army for Panzershrek army, assuming I don't change the list again!

2. Add something to armies I have already painted

In deciding to make the Silver Bayonet my game of the month, I decided that I should have enough monsters to play any of the scenarios in the rule book. Handily, somebody had built an excel spreadsheet of exactly what was needed for each scenario, so then I got to work sourcing miniatures! The models came from a variety of sources, some from Games Workshop, some from the excellent Nulzor's range, some from Oathmark or Northstar or just from the spares box I have at home. I didn't manage to complete the whole list, but I did manage to paint a whole lot more....


12 Bandits- 3d Prints from Highland Miniatures

Demon (GW), Possessed (Northstar), Changeling and Living Scarecrow (both Nulzors)
Vampire bats (GW), Ghoul (Asgard Rising), Black Dog (Zenit), Living Armour and Pixie (GW)

Ghosts (GW) and Vampires (Highland Miniatures)

Wolves (Oathmark) and Hobgoblin (GW)

I still have a few more things to do (more wolves mainly, plus some goblins and another werewolf), but I will finish those up when it comes time in the year to work through the solo campaign.

3. Finish up a table of terrain

And what would Silver Bayonet month be without a table of terrain to go with it? I have had a couple of old-timey wooden frame buildings for the better part of three years sitting there unpainted, with one in need of some serious repair. I painted them up, adding a fountain and trees from my spares, then adding on walls and cobbled roads from Battlekiwi, and then the scatter terrain from Warcradle Studio's Gloomsburg terrain too.

The net result? A great purpose built 3x3 Silver Bayonet table!

The table (this is a 4x3)

A closer look at the fountains and the buildings

Creepy tree is creepy

How do you know we are in France? Because the village has a guillotine

Wagon stuck in a swamp... hope there is no Black Dog around!

Wanted posters, painted by me on some Gloomsburg terrain

So, that's a brand new table of terrain painted in a month. I am really enjoying painting terrain, maybe I am sick....

4. Play a game a month, that was different to the last month

I promised a solid plan this month, and it was Silver Bayonet!

I have managed to do the write up for two games so far, but there were two more games that I have potential narratives for....

Game One

Game Two

I'll likely play through the solo scenarios as one of my month's later in the year too!

5. Paint a new historical army

To round out Silver Bayonet month, I did also finish up a bunch of new figures for my Prussian forces, with most of them being historical, albeit with a couple of exceptions....

The historical ones: Musketeers, Sapper, Officer and Jager

The less historical ones: Hussar, Veteran Hunter, Swordsman, Supernatural Investigator, Doctor, Occultist

I am really enjoying Silver Bayonet. It's FOR SURE going to feature again this year!

A themed month? Let this madness continue!


Sunday, 12 June 2022

Post-con takeaways?

 Actually it was leftover pizza. 

Anyway, on to the event and it's outcomes. ValleyCon 2022 was a great weekend and, aside from having to move wooden tabletops in the midst of one of the worst winter storms I've ever seen, largely went off without a hitch. The Flames comp was so much fun and even though I took a tank destroyer company,

Army Gallery

I thought I'd share the wide variety of armies that we saw for the event first: 

Blogger Triple T's Recce Squadron

Richard's Canadians

Regan's Princess Irene Brigade

Sofia's Russians

Chris' Panzergrenadiers

Pats's Kiwi Shermans

Shane's Kiwi Shermans

Octavia's Aufklarungs

Jonathan's Windgruber Grenadiers

Stu's Panzers and Panzergrenadiers

Blogger McBeth's Best Painted Russians

My Panzerjagers

Graham's British Armour

Blogger Tank's Finns


I'm not going to do a full blown game by game, my memory is too hazy for that. So a highlight reel with some pictures.

Round 1: Regan's Princess Irene Brigade

I always enjoy playing Regan. He takes his games as seriously as I do (ie. not a lot) and we always wind up having highly entertaining and very stupid adventures. He wins the prize for the most historical and awesome force of the weekend, the Dutch Princess Irene Brigade.


I spent most of the game hammering this objective with Hummels because I didn't want to assault it with Hetzers. In the end, I had to bring up my Panzergrenadiers and get stuck into the Resistance platoon defending. Regan's M10s had a rough handling from the 4 Hetzers and 3 Jagdpanzer IV/70s but the carrier platoon that came on in the right place at the right time to defend it gave me a few scares right at the last. 

These Shermans arrived a turn too late to race to the objective before my Hetzers and infantry overran the last of his defenders.  If they'd arrived anywhere other than the 5/6 arrrival point, this would have been a very, very different game.

Round 2: Jonathan's Grenadiers

This game was always going to be interesting. Jonathan had a powerful Windgruber-led platoon holding the centre of the board and I was going to have to go through it. A first turn assault gave me the centre and an aggressive flanking maneuver with my Hetzers gave his mortars something to worry about and tripped a PaK40 ambush, allowing my Jagdpanzers to whip round the other side.


It was all going well till this happened. Jonathan's Tigers arrived and only bailed a single Jagdpanzer. I got excited! My return shooting penetrated both Tigers. Then I failed both firepower rolls. They remounted. Five shots, five hits, five penetrations four dead Jagdpanzer IV/70s. That's about when the game effectively ended. A little bit more luck and this game was all on. It was a very good match though and I was starting to think that this army might not be that bad at attacking. 

Round 3: Tank's Finns

 This game was a bit of a necessity given some organisational duties that required Tank's attention. We figured it might as well affect both of us rather than two of our guests so we played this game. Tank technically attacked in Contact but chose to defend once he cut a chunk of my army off with scouts in a building.

I spent most of the game trying to clear out those scouts so I could get my infantry moving and defending my Hummels so I could finally start dropping 15cm shells on the objective above (before having to send in the Hetzers against Finnish infantry. Yeah.) and that was almost the entire experience. I took too long to clear out his 10.5 howitzers and PaK 40s and didn't assault the Scout platoon in the centre of the board when I had the chance. In the end, a good mortar barrage dented my defending infantry platoon enough that I couldn't keep the Finnish infantry away. It was a great game.

Round 4: Triple Ts Carrier Horde

I knew this was going to hurt and boy oh boy did it hurt. Triple T doesn't play a lot of Flames but he had a few games under his belt by now and was running this army very well. It was a bit of a carpark given his tiny deployment zone in Bridgehead but he attacked with vigour and looked for the shots wherever he could get them.

In the end, I couldn't knock things out fast enough and he was passing 5+ Last Stands like a trooper. I would have been happy to take a 3-6 in this game but I didn't even get close. Once the Wasps flamed my infantry platoon out of existence, it was over.

 Roughly handled in the end. I picked Defend in this one looking to pull out a No Retreat or Fighting Withdrawl, but Bridgehead hurt me a lot. I was looking to avoid giving the PIATs easy flank shots and a corner mission felt like I was going to be in more trouble so I didn't Maneuver. In hindsight, should have just attacked and looked to get Contact or even Free for All so I could have all my guns on table ASAP.

Round 5: Stu's Panzers

This game I finally got to do what I came to do. Stu was attacking in Breakthrough and with his infantry in reserve, spent a lot of the game making sure my easy kills on his arriving infantry would be dealt to quickly - notably the Quad AA and 251 transports. The salvo template on the Nebelwerfers was VERY effective. I'm glad I've got some in the box.

This was my favourite shot of the game where my Jagdpanzer IV/70s came from downtown and wrecked some Panzer IVs you can see on the hill in the distance. This game also presented me with only my second direct fire Hummel shot of the weekend. I hit a Panzer IV and, needing a 6 to save, Stu's dice came through! In the end though, I destroyed enough panzers to keep them away from the objectives and my infantry dealt to his when it finally arrived. 


I like this army a lot and my refusal to Defend with it (except when I did) lead to really interesting games. It's actually very capable. I need to be careful the resources because it is very small and while having the quad AA as core helps the formation, other than my game with Jonathan, there was no real risk to my breaking so some 3.7mm AA might be more useful as lower ROF but higher AT could serve better.

 My SdKfz 251s got shredded in almost every game as people seem generally afraid of them which was interesting. I wasn't as aggressive with the infantry as I could have been and I would like to be better at that. There were a couple of occasions where a mounted assault would have been achievable and I didn't even think to do it. Given I can't really afford to send in the Panzerjagers at any point, it's gotta be on my option list! 

11/10, will play again. Also, I won Best Sport which is always welcome and I got at least one vote for Best Painted which, given my fairly utilitarian view of painting, was really cool. I am really pleased with how the ambush camo has come out and with the foliage on top, it just gives a cool texture on top of the paint job.

Next Time

Good question. I'm working on my 8cm mortars for platoon a month and a few other little projects so the next one will be a workbench of some sort. 

Saturday, 4 June 2022

Infantry should look splendid, with little uniformity.

We're bearing down on our club's annual competition weekend and for once I'm not painting furiously in advance of the weekend. So far, finding my Hetzer stat card for my Flames of War army is the most complex thing I've had to do.

Since I'm not painting furiously for the event, I'm doing some other stuff...

A surprise? 

So the nerds have been playing a lot of ADLG and when someone (Blogger McBeth?!) produced the Renaissance rules, I might have gotten a touch excited. We spent a lot of time going back and forth about 15mm or 28mm until someone (again, Blogger McBeth?!) dug out Khurasan Miniatures. I had a wee nosey at their 16th Century range and discovered one of those armies I'd always wanted was suddenly a goer - Early Spanish Colonial and all it's Tercios!

I'm really impressed with the Khurasan sculpts. They're very slim and finely detailed, which is both amazing and challenging when I haven't painted a 15mm model thats not set in the last 70 years or so in a LONG time. I found a great painting resource and the first line of the description of the infantry is:

Infantry should look splendid, with little uniformity

 Yay, I said. That'll be fun, I said. So I painted some test models - my LF Arquebus Elite and my Medium / Heavy Artillery base and honestly, I think they do look splendid. 

But I look at the 96 infantry in three Tercios I have staring back at me and I am afraid! I know there's a stupid number of flags on the horizon but this is going to be a big job.


And she is finished! My Freeblade Errant knight "Castellum Angelorum", the Castle of Angels. This was a really fun painting project - I spent a lot of time looking at models online and poring over my transfer collection to see what I could do with this one. I'll dig the Armigers out some time soon and start seeing what I can do with those now. I've got an idea for one and a half formed idea for a second but I'll need to come up with a third for a full Freeblade detachment for my Imperial Guard.

And a tank! 


This is my sanity project while I work on 15mm stuff. I'm on a real 'clear the decks of jobs' kick at the mo and this tank has been sitting around waiting for attention for TOO long. This tank allows me to put a Guard armoured detachment on the park so with the Guard codex for 9e being one of the last out, I'm keen to get them done in advance of that.

Next Time  

A very late blog in which I shall cover off how badly I did with my 'turrets are for chumps' list at Flames of War and post a bunch of photos of some other cool stuff I know I'll run across over the weekend.

Saturday, 28 May 2022

Some thoughts on the delight that is Silver Bayonet

 My Freeblade is coming along nicely I'm just down to the arms to do now:

I'm *REALLY* enjoying painting this model and I can't wait to see how it comes out once it's transferred as well. I've got a little bit of trim-based trauma from painting too many titans but at least these are big and chunky. 
Beaucoup de Bayonetistes? 
Somehow, these have all been painted for a while and I haven't posted them.
On the left, Grenadier Bartholemy Saint-Yves, Fusilier Joachim de Rosario of the Legion Portugaise and Frere Bastien Auberjonois of the Academie Occulte Imperiale who is proving his value in casting weak curses that do nothing! Honestly, in a game yesterday he cursed the Spanish captain TWICE and was resisted both times!

Thoughts on Silver Bayonet
It occurred to me that I've played three or four games of Silver Bayonet now and singularly failed to take any photos. This tells me a lot about how much I'm enjoying it. I think Scotty summed up how it's going best yesterday when we decided to start enjoying the 2 / 20 rules on ANY 2 / 20 not just rolling for initiative:

You can imagine the Guard taking aim down his musket as the Priest poked his head around the corner of the building. There's a musket crack, and then a lightning crack as the priest is shot in the head, and it starts to pour with rain.

It's a game that really wants you to describe those cinematic moments.  We learned that if Tank shouts the name of his Highlander ("ROBBIE DUNCAN") before he charges into combat, his Highlander does better. Which is good given he's the third incarnation of said Highlander.

Things I like

Aside from the narratives and getting invested in name creation and thus the character of my troops, this game might be the pinnacle of author Joseph McCullough's mechanical design so far and I say that having really enjoyed all of his previous games. He's also used it on a setting that, for someone like me who has never been interested in full scale Napoleonics, has given me cause to dive in.

Mechanically, the 2D10 power / skill die split smooths out the bell curve of the previous d20 Frostgrave / Stargrave games (where one-shot kills hurt a lot) but also combines with the Power Die / Skill Die pool to really allow for you to make the best of that curve with a bit of careful forecasting. We've already discussed what it would take to port the mechanic into Frostgrave and Stargrave because we're really enjoying it.

The core of common soldiers in this game is also neat, allowing for unique flavour choices for each army by nationality. I'm enjoying the idea that it's not really possible to build a force without generic troopers and that basic infantry are perfectly effective. The Dhampir, Werebear, Vivandiere, Highlander and Champion of the Faith all offer their respective forces a bunch of character too.

There are a bunch of scenarios, which provide a variety of games and an imaginative core of monsters with a collection of rules that make them challenging opponents. The Black Dog in scenario six is absolutely terrifying and very very hard to hurt, let alone kill. The monster mechanics, alongside a monster die pool, also mean that the monsters generally play a very active part in the game and the longer the game goes, balancing where and how you spend those is super fun.

Anything not to like? 

The experience mechanic is very slow to make serious changes to your soldiers but that's more an inducement to play more games so it's definitely not all bad. We discussed yesterday that once your soldiers get on the experience track, you get real invested real fast. Super Soldier Georg Bitterlich, Slayer of Highlanders, now needs to live because he's AWESOME. 

The only other thing I find moderately vexing is that I want to get more. I'm thinking on how to create a different French list using Perry's Egyptian campaign Camelry and I'd love to run down a decent range for the British in India, a period I have always wanted to do just because it offers some really unique looking models. That sounds like saying "I'm a perfectionist" in a job interview to describe a weakness right? This game is so good I want to buy more models. Oh no. The tragedy.

Next Time
I've finally finished building my third Imperial Guard Leman Russ so I'll get into painting that this week along with finishing up the arms of the Knight and starting on the transferring. I've come up with a plan for that so will be interesting to see if it lands. Also I need to start the June Platoon-a-Month. 

Monday, 23 May 2022

Here be goblins.... Silver Bayonet Narrative #2

 I got a good response to the first installment of this, seems only right to continue it.....

Their uncle had fallen asleep after the last tale, preventing any follow up questions from the children. The next day was torturous, their minds far from the tasks of arithmetic or grammar, focused solely on their uncle as a young man, running from the walking dead, and finding his saviour in the white lady. They both remembered a strange look in his eye as he spoke of her. Perhaps it was his true love? Princes always fell in love with princesses in the other stories they knew, so perhaps his tale was no different? They had never met a woman in their uncle's life, perhaps it was because of his love for her?

They cornered their uncle after dinner, finding him alone in a quiet room of the house staring intently into the fire. A thousand questions fought to spill out of their mouths and they both talked at once, excitedly, asking all of the questions they had thought of through the day, every question important, every one the most essential piece of information they have ever needed in their lives. The final question that won out of the wall of noise they created was how did you lose your arm?

At this their uncle spoke. Kindly, he hushed the children, speaking softly and gesturing to them to sit by the fire and join him. Hush the questions kinder, all of them will be answered in due time. It wasn't until much later that I lost this, gesturing to his lost arm, and I had learned, and lost, much more valuable things before losing that. 

The magics of the White Lady had healed my leg, the blackness around the wound had gone, leaving only this scar. The old man pulled up his pant leg, displaying a brutal scar, unmistakably that caused by the thrashing of human jaws. Watching the children flinch away, he rolled the pants leg quickly down. Steel your hearts kinder, and let us return to the tale...

Throughout the day, more stragglers from the battle found me, a few soldaten, a big pioneer named Gunter, who I came to rely on greatly in the trying days ahead. All who joined me shared the same look in their eyes, the same stare, the horrors of the past days catching up with them, haunting their sleep and their waking hours. Of the White Lady herself? There was no sign, her comings and goings far beyond my sight.

A young soldat, Uwe, joined us late in the day. He kept his own company mostly, sitting by the fire listening as the other soldiers told tales of home, of hearthsides and heartbreaks. He sat quietly, toying with a small coin in his hands, the glint of it catching the light of the fire as it spun in his hands.

That's goblin gold Soldat Uwe. Goblins never give up that which is theirs willingly, where did you get it? 

It was as if she had appeared out of thin air, one second I was listening to Gunter tell a tale of a particular waitress at a particular Silesian BrĂ¼haus, and the second she was there, sitting next to Uwe, her hand in his, the coin on full display in the firelight. 

I....I... found it.... the boy stammered, overawed by her sudden appearance.

You will take me there. Remembering it now, I remember the hunger in her voice, the longing, the need that was there, an undercurrent waiting to wash us all along with her on her quest. 

And so it was in following Uwe that I ended up back in another ruined town, another remnant of the war that raged around me. The White Lady had shared little about the goblins, and while the others in our group thought her mad for believing in them, the glint of the golden coin- and the prospect of more- was enough to secure their loyalty for now.

Feldwebel Leichhardt, and Pioneersoldat Gunter

The sounds of battle reached us from ahead, and with the practiced ease of men who had lived past their first battle, we moved forward cautiously and carefully. To the right, I spotted a figures running in unmistakable French blue, advancing and firing their muskets. To the left, I saw the redcoats of the British advancing forward too.

In the centre, I saw the oddest creature I had yet laid my eyes on. Standing no taller than you young Bruno, wearing a great black hooded coat with eyes the colour of fresh blood. Even from a distance it's cackling laugh reached us. 

Redcoats had run closer to the creature to take better shots at the Frenchmen. They took a knee and aimed their long muskets. When they pulled the trigger... nothing. 

And then the goblin was among them, it's blade snapping left and right, hacking at the bewildered British. Their officer stepped forward to protect his men and duel the goblin, matching the speed and lethality of the goblin with an efficient suite of parries. From his swordplay I recognised him as one of the upper class elite types that the British were so fond of breeding, The Captain Lord Bedley St. John Baskerville. A brilliant swordsman, he and I had crossed blades when I was a younger man, still at the Academy.

Goblin magic Feldwebel. They are imicable to technology when you get close to them. You could bring an entire battery of artillery here and it would all simply refuse to fire as if sodden from the rain...

The Lady was next to me again, her voice barely more than a whisper. How she had arrived, I did not know. By now, my men were firing, their muskets seemingly too far away to be affected by the goblin's magics.

Turning back to the combat, I watched as The Lord Bedley gained the upper hand, slashing his sabre across the arm of the goblin. He held his sword aloft, ready to dispatch the killing blow.

Oh no, that won't do

The White Lady again. I turned to her, her hands outstretched as if a puppeteer controlling a marionette on the side of a Konigsburg street. She pushed her right hand down, gasping with the effort. I watched as the downward slash of The Lord Bedley.... missed the goblin out right. The goblin took the opportunity, lunging with his crude sword at the British lord. The White Lady gasped again, pushing her right hand and arm out again. The Lord Bedley's sabre followed her hands, exposing his stomach to the goblin's blade. He staggered and turned, blood visible through the red cloth of his coat, and the cackling goblin closed in.

A heavy cavalry sabre slashed down, bisecting the goblin. Stepping forth from behind a ruined wall, a large, well built Frenchman strode out, leveled his pistol at The Lord Bedley, and fired.

Carabnier, Goblin and British

A cry of pain rang out beside me, and the White Lady threw both arms out, and fell to her knees.  The Lord Bedley dropped like a stone, the weight of her magic pushing him down into the earth. The shot struck the infantryman advancing behind him, killing the man outright.

In my haste, I had forgotten the damnable French! 

I drew my blade and advanced, calling my men to me, trying to establish some order, some sort of firing line to exact revenge for the black stain that I wore on my heart from the battle barely a week ago.

But I hadn't counted on goblins not being solitary creatures. I knew as soon as the right of my small skirmish line fired, but not the left, that all was not well. I had time enough to order a charge before another goblin broke cover, hacking down Silas and Tiberius. The return fire from the French, unhindered as it was by goblin magic began to reap it's harvest of Prussian blood.

The British had taken their leave, I watched as The Lord Bedley knelt next to Uwe's still body, grabbing a small, golden coin from the corpse's hand. I thought at the time that perhaps he thought it recompense for the damage the goblin had done- but later I learned the truth of the matter.

The French muskets pushed us back, Gunter and I sheltering behind cover. We took a break in the firing to pull back, aiming for a safe return to the farmhouse. The White Lady was up ahead, her aura diminished by her use of her magic, but still she shone bright, a beacon of light to guide us. Neither Gunter or I saw the shadowy figure behind her, but both of us saw the blade that he ran across her throat.

In a flash of light, she was gone, leaving behind a figure standing in a brown cot, his face mostly obscured by a rag, a slightly bemused expression on what was visible of his face. He spoke in German, with a heavy French accent. You keep strange friends Feldwebel Leichhardt. When she returns, and she will, tell her That Lieutenant Jean-Paul Chateaubriand is waiting for her. We need not be enemies her and I...

He ducked back behind the building, a shadow lost among the ruins. Fearing the goblins at our heels, Gunter and I made haste from the village, following the same path back to the farmhouse, to whatever safety we might find there.

Out of breath, we slumped at the table on arrival, both Gunter and I lacking the words to quite comprehend what had taken place.

Seven years passed before I saw her again. I survived seven years with my beloved Prussia under the thumb of Napoleon's rule. Seven years trying to understand what I had seen, had experienced. I poured over books of the magical and the mystical. Gunter became a trusted friend and confidant, staying by my side while I learned all I could about the Harvestmen, of goblins, revenants, werewolves and all manner of horrors. When opportunity came with Napoleon's folly in Russia, I rejoined the army and was promoted to higher honours.

It was the day after the glorious battle of Leipzig, I sat drunkenly slumped in a chair in the city, the room's true owner long fled. 

The years have been good to you Capitan Leichhart, but victory here does nothing for the the stain on your heart does it?

I looked up, seeing the White Lady Mathilde standing before me. She was as bright as ever, her voice clear and strong. Sure enough, seven years later, Lieutenant Chateaubriand had been proven right....

The White Lady Mathilde herself!

Saturday, 21 May 2022

She's got legs.....

 ....with apologies to ZZ Top. 

This week's a bit of a miscellany TBH. I decided to take a break from the SB French for a week and do some other stuff. 

Some things for my Imperial Guard

GW have recently released a new Codex for Imperial Knights which will allow me to drop a single Freeblade into my Imperial Guard army while remaining being Imperial Guard and getting all the rules and benefits that come with that.  

I'm also going to have a dig through my medieval transfers folder and see if I can come up with a sort of munging of the GW transfers to create a cool coat of arms. I've got an idea to lay some transfers over some other ones which might be quite intriguing. The other interesting thought is that three Armiger Freeblades will also work for this same rule, meaning a) I need another Armiger and b) I need to repaint and remark the other two. That should be quite doable and quite fun I think. 

Secondly, I painted something I've been meaning to do for a while. YARRICK! 

 I recently enjoyed the novelisations of Yarrick's career from Black Library so figured it was time he got done. This is one of those models that while my nostalgia for the original cast is significant, the 2nd edition of this model is SO good that I had to do this one. It is Finecast but is surprisingly not terrible and it's painted up very pleasingly. I have most of a squad of Stormtroopers to do (once some parts arrive...) that will escort him into combat.

An extra 1/3-of-a-platoon-a-month

With the reappearance of the Mid-war Monsters range in v4 Flames of War I have managed to pick up an extra pair of Semovente 75/34s. Many moons ago, the 75/34 box was the only way I managed to get some Semoventes for my MW Italians and since v4 allows 6 in a platoon, I've been jonesing to find 2 more so LO! 

It seemed like a chuckle, given the massive hatch, to put extra crew in it. I figure a commander and a spotter for the one time I'm going to use them as a six gun artillery battery...

Next Time

I'll keep working on my Knight. The midsection comes next and the massive roof plate which will be that same bone colour I think. I've also got a practice game of Flames for our club convention in a few weeks lined up which I'll try and batrep. I could do the scheduled Silver Bayonet game but blogger Pooch has started that narrative and my my, it's quite good!