Saturday, 15 June 2019

Guardsmen and not Guardsmen


Third squad complete:

Now I just need to finish the support squad and my platoon of Guardsmen will be complete. I'm starting to wonder if I need a fourth squad of dudes for the company and, given that they clock in at a shade under 100 points, it's not like it'll be hard to fit in. The question is whether or not I want to paint another squad.

Not Cadians! 

I've started working on the Cawdor too:

The studio scheme is black and blue and it was a bit dark for my liking. The Cawdor are supposed to be trash pickers and scavengers and black / dark brown seemed to be a colour that would hide the dirt  so I went with a dirty linen colour to go with the dark blue instead.

I think I might also have to look at a lightbox. If I'm not taking the photos first thing in the morning, when there's loads of sun, I'm finding it hard to get a well lit picture.

Next time
The rest of the Cawdor and some photos of our first game of the new Necromunda as Tank and I give it a crack. We're also testing out a larger scale game of TY on an 8x6 table. Should be interesting.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Workbench update

So the cold and the jetlag has really put a dent in my productuvity this week and I think after the insane amount of stuff I did before I went away, it's going to take a while to get back in the swing of having things done for Sunday blog posts. But I have done some work this week.

I got the base coats on the last infantry squad and while I was hoping to get them done today, the ability to concentrate for long periods hasn't really been there (thanks jetlag. Ugh.)

But rapid fire squad is coming along nicely. In the meantime, I also got the support squad assembled and based ready for priming. 

I rather like the idea that I'm deploying a platoon with sensible platoon level support. Not 9 mortars. One of these lascannons probably should be something else, but they just look so cool!

Fellow blogger Scotty is planning a narrative campaign (at 1000 points!) so I'd super keen to drop my Guard into that, led by one of my fearless Inquisitors. Who, you ask? The current plan is Greyfax because the model is awesome and I haven't put her on the table yet. And Karamazov seems like that would be stupid. 

Not Cadians
Because Cadians seem to have been a bit of a staple for me for a while (but so close to being done with the infantry!) I thought I'd get the Cawdor gangers built. The models are delightful, albeit not as poseable as I'd hoped, but definitely provide a better mix of options than the old metal range. I have close combat weapons!

Pooch, of course, reminded me that Forge World have also made some alternative weapon loadouts. And they look amazing. And I'll probably have to get them too. *Have To*. You understand. 

Next time
The finished Cadians, obviously, and probably a couple of test Cawdor models. Although, looking at the pile. maybe even my tidied up Khemrian skeletons for playing Kings of War Vanguard might make the cut. If I can remember how I painted them to add in the last couple of models!

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Had you noticed?

That all of my last four posts looked alarmingly familiar?

I went on holiday and craftily pre-published my weekly blog posts to make sure I kept up my self imposed requirement to blog weekly. :) So I painted a bunch of stuff over the month before I went away in amongst all my other projects!

So I went to Japan (amaze, BTW) and had high hopes for things I might be able to pick up based on a previous trip a few years ago. I wanted to get some scale model aircraft, in particular, to support some Team Yankee plans. I didn't have a lot of joy with the scale models unfortunately - since Gundams, while awesome and to scale, don't really slot into TY armies.

I did find a few little gems about the place though.

1. Some 1/100ish modern machinery from Tomica that will get repainted for my TY board.

2. Tank made me sad when he posted that he had no one to play Necromunda with, so I bought the Cawdor gang box. It looks like it'll be fun to put together and play. (Great excuse right?!)

3. And then there was the 'well, if I can't have some planes, then Imma buy a flying battleship': 

I saw the Space Battleship Yamato film at a film festival here a few years ago and it was awesome. So this popped into my head as a backup possible souvenir. I can't wait to put this together....

Friday, 31 May 2019

Pooch's May update

Wasn't it just April? And now May has come and gone?

Well, at least I painted some stuff....

1. Paint a new 40k Army
Another month, another batch of Krieg. This time, we have 18 more infantry, including some more plasma guns and sergeants. In case you are counting, that leaves 10 to go, plus 5 weapon teams to make 5 full squads (which will be my full allotment).

We are slowly heading towards a legal (but awful) army of Imperial Guard!

I don't actually know which 18 were new this month, so this is all of the standard Krieg infantry I have painted so far...

But not only that, I also managed to finish up a Sentinel:

Stomp stomp PLASMA....

Spot the dead Kriegsman!

And a Hydra!

Four barrels of fun!

Krieg gunner. Because of course it needs a Krieg gunner.

2. Create a table of terrain to support a new game
Did this one back in March!

3. Make a modular terrain piece
No progress. No plans. Probably should think about it....

4. Paint a Naval Fleet
Did this one in March too!

5. Finish something for an army I haven't used in a year and take it to a tournament
This one is going to be July.....

6. Buy a starter box and paint all of it
Did this one back in February, although I have been thinking about other starter boxes.....

7. Paint every miniature for a game I own
Did this one too, back in February.

8. Paint a Space Marine Hero each month
On track! Another bolter-boy done, which brings us up to five. That's all of the bolter marines done, although I have had thoughts about doing some conversions on a couple to make it so that I have a full tactical squad.... 

Bolter AND bolt pistol

Old School bolter no less

The whole team!

9. Paint a standalone force
And another one done here too. This time, it is the Gellerpox Kill Team from the Rogue Trader box. You will have seen over the past few weeks that McZ has been painting up a storm getting Elucida and friends ready. Well, it only seemed right that I made sure ol' Vulgrar was ready too!

In terms of colours, I deliberately went with blues and purples, which keeps them in a similar colour space to my Death Guard army, but also makes them distinct, which I like. All in all, I am really happy with how they have turned out, and will be extra pleased to get them onto the table to play through the official scenarios!

The whole horde
The big boys!

Little scuttlers

The back of the little scuttlers

And the medium sized ones too!

10. Update and improve a table of terrain
No progress here, should have it done for a tournament in July....

11. Paint something Napoleonic
Still need to do that Perry order. Maybe next month?

12. Finish what I should have finished last year
As I said last time, there is only one of these things left. And I haven't even thought about getting it done. I really should tho....

So, in terms of goals, there are only three that I haven't made any sort of start on, two which are ongoing and the rest are completed. That is not a bad haul for only 5 months into the year!

I'm also going to introduce another section to this blog. One of the other Regimenters passed this to me on Wednesday. And in an effort to force me to do my best painting on it/to not get frustrated with it/to make sure I actually get it done/etc I am going to add it to this blog. So, from this blog forward we have MORTY-WATCH!

Next month.... Will he get better at photography? Will he paint more Krieg? Is he competent enough to actually paint something in sub-assemblies? For these questions and more, tune in next month....


Saturday, 25 May 2019

Elucidian Star Striders

Here they are, the Elucidian Star Striders! <Band Name>

Their fearless leader, Elucia Vhayne:

Her medic, Sanistasia (ewww) Minst:

The Death Cult Assassin, Knosso Prond:

The intrepid Mechanicus, Larsen van der Grauss, on drums:

And the whole crew together, ready to battle the evil Gellerpox!

Woo! Super glad to have these done. Pooch and I will bring you an exciting report as we play through the KT missions when we find the time to play it. I'm also super keen to drop these on the table as a detachment in a game or two of 40K. We've been having some talks about a narrative campaign at some point soon, with some smaller armies, and I suspect these would be a great addition to that!

Next Time: 
I have literally no idea. It'll probably be something interesting from the paint queue. I'm currently rebasing an Impetus army for Kings of War and there's a bunch of random models in the to-do pile that I have there for no real reason.

Friday, 17 May 2019

16 More Guardsmen to Paint

So not that exciting a post this week - just the second half of my second Guard squad.

Although, it is worth mentioning that this squad does have the BEST looking Sergeant.

Windsor Davies for the Emprah!

The squad in full. The photo's not great - late Autumn light does not lend itself to being well available where I can take photos. But there they are. I've technically got enough stuff I could put a legal Guard army on the table and that's quite exciting.

Next Time: 
The rest of the Elucidian Star Striders. I'll post all the character models and a couple of pics of the whole crew together.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Pooch's April update

Apparently there was an April? And I did some things? Well, more I was away for two of it, and didn't really achieve too much. But I did at least finish some things, including:

1. Paint a new 40k Army- Ongoing!
You know how my army was pretty much entirely elites choices? Well.... It still is.

But, I did make a start into the troops choices, finishing up a batch of 12 regular infantry. Nice and simple, 10 lasgunners and a couple with plasma guns.

Why 12? Well, that is exactly how many I needed to make up a Kill Team of Krieg!

Frontline Infantry!

Now with Flashlights

And guns that can misfire and kill their owner!

2. Create a table of terrain to support a new game- Done, did that in March

3. Make a modular terrain piece- Still no progress. And no plans. Probably should do something about that....

4. Paint a naval fleet- Done, did that in March

5. Finish something for an army I haven't used in a year and take it to a tournament- Plan is in place, look out for July!

6. Buy a starter box and paint all of it- Done in February

7. Paint every miniature for a game I own- Did this one in February too!

8. Paint a Space Marine Hero each month- On track!
And so my silly little mission to paint up a squad of Storm Lords continues. This time, we have MOAR BOLTER.

Great reloading pose

I painted the back of him too
And this is how the group stacks up so far- four Marines with Bolters. Truly a sight to behold. Well, not in 40k. But in the novels and RPG game I'd back these guys....

9. Paint a stand alone force- Did this one in March!

10. Update and improve a table of terrain- Nothing done.... July I think!

11. Paint something Napoleonic- Started!
Hey, I did do some of these too! I have never actually painted a Napoleonic Prussian, and have always had it in the back of my mind to paint some at some point. I have also too been meaning to play the Chosen Men or Sharpes Practice ruleset, I like the idea of a sortof skirmish/small unit level Napoleonic games.

Cue, one box of the Perry plastic Prussians, and viola, a unit of 16 Musketeers and a single Volunteer Jager. They are the start of the force, which I am hoping to add a few more figures to. Like Fusiliers. And Uhlans. And a cannon.....

12. Finish what I should have finished last year- did this one in January and February. I only have one more thing to complete for this, but can't seem to bring myself to get them done....

Next month? More Krieg Infantry. Maybe some tanks? And would be good to get another stand alone force done.


Saturday, 11 May 2019

Last of the MASSTER

It's the made-up camouflage on the made-up vehicle!

Okay, not quite.

The HMMWVs were easy to do - they're a really nice little kit. I'm less convinced about the Sergeant Yorks. Battlefront's plastic kits (also PSCs) are really nice and these old school resin and metal kits leave a lot to be desired in comparison.

But glad to have some more AA available to my M60 company!

Next Time
Some more Guardsmen. Gotta keep working on them! There's still 20-odd to do before I can do something I'm genuinely looking forward to doing - my Leman Russ.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Back to my Roots

Hi my name is Tank and I am a gaming Magpie. Looking across the shelves in my gaming room I lost count on the number of different rules systems, figures or models I own. One problem I face is that I am a hoarder, funny thing is thing most of the readers of this will recognise the hoarder in themselves as well. I started in this hobby by playing Warhammer Fantasy. My first army was Nurgle but then I found the joy that was Dwarves, ahh gyrocopters and slayers - wonderful memories. Then GW went crazy with the ruleset (getting rid of the card system for the magic) and even crazier with their pricing. To be fair I was also majorly distracted by other models and rules. However my passion for Fantasy based grand battles has always been an itch I wanted to scratch. So along came Kings Of War (KoW). I had a discussion at the club about KoW and being the magpie I am I bought the Ogres starter set and promptly buried it on a shelf somewhere in my gaming room.
Interest in KoW came back to the Regiment and I started putting the Ogres together. also found my fabulous GW Giant (Brotan Thunderpants) and I found some more units to add to the mix, so yes more magpieism in action.
I am really enjoying the modelling and painting - now how does the game roll. Well it's really good actually. I love the units mechanic and the modelling flexibility of not having to remove individual figures. The combat mechanic is deadly and efficient and makes sense game wise. The magic and ranged combat are pretty much rolled into one but work well. The two games I have played have been fun and fast.
So next project is to expand the choices I have for the army with some goblins and this little fella.
I really feel like I have returned to my roots - and I can't wait for my next game.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Squad Goals

Part one of May's special project - a job that's been waiting for doing since Christmas.

Back then, Pooch and I split the KT Rogue Trader box. He took the Gellerpox and I took the Elucidian Starstriders. The first chunk I did was Nitch's squad, the Marines on Elucia Vhayne's Rogue Trader vessel.


The Squad

Aximillion. Who's a good dog??
These were really nice to paint. I don't love the pose on the rotor cannon - he looks like he should be looking down the barrel, not forwards, but otherwise they're great. The squad members are all really cool models and I love Nitch calling back to classic GW multi weapon carriers!

Next Time
The last of my Team Yankee vehicles are on the work table.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Let Battle Be Joined!

It was a quiet club meeting this week, post-Nationals, so Scotty and I booked in a couple of light skirmish games to while away the day.

We started with Scotty's first, and my second, game of Kings of War Vanguard. I brought out my Elves and Scotty brought the Kingdoms of Men. We just played the basic scenario from the quickstart rules - a meeting engagement.

It's all on!
The game mostly started simply as we advanced towards each other, although I pulled some shenanigans to plink off a couple of early shots at Scotty. These resulted in him returning fire with his arquebusiers and shooting my Gladestaker off the board. 

Human Spearmen advance to protect their general
 The Human Spearmen advanced and bunched up around the Leader of Men. The Elven Mage, sensing an opportunity burned all of my power points to boost a lightning bolt into the bunch. Two of the Spearmen were killed and the Leader of Men wounded.

 We maneuvered our forces around a bit for the next couple of turns, plinking off shots and spells before we all finally got stuck in.
The Knight Charges the Prince and is charged by Tallspears in response
 The Knight, who had rapidly redeployed, charged the Prince and took him down to 1 wound remaning.  He was unhorsed by the Tallspears and while the Foot Knights continued to batter the Prince, he was healed by the Elven mage and fought on to victory over the Foot Knights.

Scotty got some revenge for the lightning bolt at this point with a boosted fireball into my bunched up Tallspears, wounding a couple and damanging the Prince. Again.

In an effort to stop these shenanigans, the respective generals charged the opposing Wizards and promptly dispatched both of them. Scotty had his Leader and an Arquebusier left on the table and I had my Prince and two Tallspears when the game ended.

It was a fun game - the power mechanics gave us some entertaining options (even though we mostly used them for extra dice) and it was a pretty even match in terms of capability.

So this one didn't start all that well. Scotty pulled MacBain and Pirates out of his bag and I pulled out Feora1 and all her setting infantry on fire nonsense. The game definitely turned out to be much more evenly matched than we thought it would be.

Turn one went as Warmachine first turns tend to. We both ran up the board, Scotty rapidly repositioning his Pirates to fight my Warjacks, not my Flameguard.
Protectorate Turn 2 - shenanigans! 
 Turn 2 saw the Daughters arrive from ambush on the table edge and Feora getting into position to feat on the Pirates. The Daughters sacked First Mate Hawk (because she scares me!) and Feora feated on the front rank of Pirates.

The Flameguard attempted to sack the Freebooter. Badly. Scotty's turn didn't start well, as none of the fire went out and he passed one tough roll on his burning pirates. However, he promptly used his munted but Failsafed Freebooter to trample over my Flameguard and attempt to batter Pyrrus. Pyrrus proved his worth as he rolled insane damage with his spear and shield and battered the Freebooter out of existence...

... leaving him open to being charged by everyone's favourite electro-sword wielding Italian, Savio Montero Acosta who gave him quite a lot of what-for. I sent Feora out from her hiding place to get Savio, which she royally did, but it left Scotty a lane to send in the Vanguard to take revenge!
Squeaky Bum Time
Both of us had been steadily accumulating points and so on my left, the Vanquisher was actively trying to remove the three pirates that were occupying his zone. Man, I miss the +2 to hit off Choirs. Although, I didn't have a choir at this point as they'd been well pirated. 

The Vanguard went into Feora and smacked her repeatedly. I'd forgotten that she was a beefcake and just took it. In her turn she powered up the Hand of Judgement to end MacBain! Which he promptly didn't. So Grogspar ran in to give MacBain Gang Fighter and he had a jolly good crack at wrecking Feora's favourite warjack. He put a LOT of dents in it, but not enough to put him out of action.

Its over! 

Feora tried to pull some shenanigans, and fired a boosted flamethrower shot around and across the Hand of Judgement and tried to end MacBain by styling on him. Disappointingly (?) she flubbed the boosted damage roll. So, to avoid MacBain trying on some dodging nonsense, the Hand of Judgement decided to club him with a P+S 20 flaming club.

35 point Warmachine armies are great fun. There's not a lot of room for jank, nor is there a lot of room for mucking around. We had some boss solos and some useful units and a couple of warjacks. Hopefully we'll get some more games in. Warmachine is a cool universe with some great models and

And more! 

We also played a game of Keyforge, by MTG designer Richard Garfield. It was a lot of fun. Scotty's evil combination of Brobnar, Shadows and Dis beat out my intellectual combo of Logos, Mars and Shadows. It was Scotty's first and my third games of Keyforge and it's a lot of fun. We both enjoyed the challenge - me to remember back three months to when I first learned and Scotty to learn with my fairly sketchy teaching! We'll definitely play it more as a late in the day club game.

Next Time
The first part of May's special project....