Saturday, 28 December 2019


Looking Back...

I read back through my posts for this year before I wrote this and, honestly, I don't really have too much to say in retrospect. I'm astonished by how much I got done and still horrified at how much more I still have to do! But I did have a good time and 15 months after getting back into this, I'm still going strong.

I think I've come to two serious conclusions about gaming this year.

The first is that I think I have enough games. There's been a bunch of stuff come out in 2019 that looked cool - Cruel Seas, Mortal Gods, Star Wars: Legion and Aeronautica Imperialis are all in that bucket - that I haven't dived into. They all look cool but don't do enough to float my boat to get me to dive in for whatever reason. I may well do that in 2020 if things change, but right now, I just want to play the things I have!

The second is that I've been thinking more about what I want out of my gaming and how to get it. I've confirmed once and for all that serious competitive play isn't my jam (if it ever was) and if I'm going to go to events, I need to be in the right headspace to do it where I can take what I want from the event and still make sure the people I'm gaming with have a good time. I am however, much more interested in using those events as an opportunity for a dedicated set of games on a single thing, whether it's an escalation, a campaign or just a series of demos.

...and Looking Forward...

Well, broadly, it's this: 2020 Plans! What in there am I most looking forward to? Aside from the stupid (see below) it's probably breaking out the Matchbox cars for Gaslands and playing that with the nerds at our annual nerd weekend later in the year.

Having said that, I liked Pooch's approach to his projects for this year and reportage thereon so I've decided to do something similar with the following goals:

  1. Add one thing per month to one of my 40K forces. I've got three factions and work to do for each of them so I'm aiming to get something new done each month and probably add in a few bits and bobs that I don't have yet. 
  2. Run a campaign of something for the lads at the club. I'll probably aim for Necromunda at this point but I know Pooch is keen to run something like Dracula's America and hopefully Scotty will run another 1000 point 40K campaign too. 
  3. Complete my FoW Australians. Originally built for a v2 FoW Morganfest game against a Japanese army of Tank's, I have pretty much all the bits to run it as a Rifle Company in the current v4 rules. So I should! 
  4. Do some cunning thinking about 653 SPzJgr. The list doesn't exist in v4 Late War but there might be a way to do it. So if I can figure that out, I'll build the army and get it on the table. 
  5. Complete my Brotherhood army for Kings of War 3E. The Brotherhood list got a major overhaul and has added a bunch of new druid-y bits from the Nature faction. I don't like the Mantic models but I think I can do something clever with some Wood Elves that'll fit better with the Teutonic Order I have. 
  6. Complete the stupid (see below).

I'm probably not going to report on them to quite the same detail as Pooch, but they should be a reminder of what my priorities are.

...and the Stupid!

Earlier this year (maybe even last year) a gamer who was getting out of the hobby donated a whole bunch of stuff to the club asking only that we find it all a good home, which we duly did. And some of the stuff, a decent collection of Epic 6mm models, found a home with some of us. So Pooch and I spent a lot of effort looking at Epic Armageddon, Net Epic and damn near everything else until realising that the simplest option, really, was just to play Apocalypse. In 6mm. Seemingly, we are not the first people to have this idea so that's a bonus.

In order to get there, the plan is for a bunch of us to clean, rebase and paint (or repaint) Epic stuff over the course of the year and learn to play Apocalypse while we're at it. The rules are:

  • 50 PL per month
  • Two months of 'passing' are permitted 
  • Progress should be be up here on the blog. 

We're hoping to get a game in every couple of months as well as the amount of stuff we have gets to a sensible size for armies. Here's what my first month (and second as well...) is going to look like:
Tiny daemons

The Doomblaster is subbing in for a classic Cannon of Khorne and I'm honestly having to resist pretty hard going to eBay to get some, along with the few other bits I'd really want - like a Lord of Battles, some Death Dealers and  a Bane Lord. :) The Bloodletters and Fleshhounds of Khorne are new - from Onslaught Miniatures - and they are stunning. Onslaught also do some Daemonettes and I do have a Keeper of Secrets as well. If I could get hold of some classic Steeds of Slaanesh, I might just be able to wrangle a Slaanesh daemon detachment as well!

I'm seriously looking forward to playing Epic scale again. This should be a lot of fun indeed.

Next Time
Frostgrave! We'll be playing some for McBeth's birthday this year and I'll take something fun. I don't know what yet...

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