Saturday, 21 December 2019

Christmas is hard on the hobby!

There hasn't been a whole lot of hobby time in the run up to Christmas (surprising no one) so I haven't been doing a whole lot of hobbying as a result! But I have knocked off a couple of little things.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
I've posted the WIP of this model previously but I finally got her finished.
Saskia Waldlaufer - Amber Wizard
Saskia Waldlaufer will be an Amber Wizard for our next weekly RPG campaign which is, I think, hopefully going to be WFRP 4th Edition. But before we get to that, we need to finish...

Dungeons and Dragons! 
A lot of my hobby time recently has been going into DMing our weekly RPG group through the re-written 5th Edition of Curse of Strahd campaign. We've been making a genuine effort to get more RPG-y with our RPGs and that includes me! It's going really well too, I think, and the players are all working super hard to inhabit their characters and make decisions that make sense for the character, not the player.

I am really enjoying DMing CoS for two reasons - firstly that it's open world, but is still constrained geographically which means there is a lot less prep I need to do to be ready for where the party might go, which in turn means I can be more prepped for the places they do go. Secondly, Strahd is great. The authors have laid out what his aims for the campaign are in the introduction and so I, as the DM, actually have my own PC. And he's awesome. So far I've creeped the party out in a serious way and also punched one of them across a graveyard to express just how scary he is!

There's a bunch of really good material online to help a DM with CoS along with an amazing playthrough on Youtube that has given me some great ideas and material. It's easily been the most fun I've had as a DM in ages!

Warhammer 40K
I did a little bit of work on a couple of my Deathwatch models too. I've been doing a bit of parts shenaniganery to get a second Primaris Kill Team built and these two models got a bit cannibalised while I did it - mostly to sort out things like Terminator scale shoulderpads for the Inceptors and Aggressors. Anyway, they've now been repaired and repainted so get to be posted here. One 2020 task complete! HA!
Raven Guard Primaris Hellblaster and Black Templars Terminator
Next Time
I will be doing a bit of a 2019 retrospective and previewing a project that bloggers Pooch, Scotty and Tank Engine, clubmate BB and I will be taking on in 2020. It's really, really dumb but it's going to be so SO MUCH fun.

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