Saturday, 28 March 2020

Lockdown projects


Level 4 COVID-19 Lockdown. Time for projects! 

I started with something a little absurd. While I was in Japan last year, I picked up a boxed model of the Space Battleship Yamato. I've always figured that I'd have a model ship on a mantlepiece at some point. Now I have the model ship, I just need the mantlepiece. 

This took me most of a day to assemble but I think I glued in no more than about two dozen parts and most of those were gun barrels! It still needs painting, but I don't know what that's going to look like at this point. A pin wash and the decking timber is about as far as I've got so far. Once I get some batteries for the internal LEDs too, bits of it will light up!
Space Battleship Yamato 2202
The other thing I've finished up this week was a classic GW Stone Troll. I picked him up for my Orc Warband in Mordheim (yep, it's that old) and finally got him done. He's been in the box of shame for a while as I don't think there's anything sensible I can use him for in Frostgrave. Potentially he'll have a role in a Kings of War: Vanguard warband though.
Troll throw rock!
Next Time
It's going to be workbenches and finished painting things for the foreseeable future. We've got 3.5 more weeks of lockdown and we'll see where that leaves the country. But I've finally started on finishing up the last knights for my KoW army, I've got some Elven Cavalry to get done for Kings of War: Vanguard and some Aussies. That I still haven't finished. I know.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Not the post you were expecting...

and, to be quite fair, not the post I expected to be posting either! Something a little different today as I finally finished another wee project by painting the last few models.

These two classic Noise Marines and the Icon Bearer are the last bits of my small Emperors Children collection for Kill Team.

Blastmaster and Doom (!) Siren
I posted a few photos of this boys when Pooch and I tried out OPKT many moons ago and after that game, despite it not really floating our boats, I went through and painted a bunch more stuff. I've used it for WH40K Kill Team since then too and I rather love the old school Chaos Marines. I've never posted the full crew so here they are!

The Leadership
The Battleline
Assault Section
Support Section

So I'm calling this 'painting something for one of my 40K armies' and moving on with my life. I know I haven't painted my Australians. I know. But I will. Promise. In the meantime, I might have oopsed into some models from the Nolzur's Marvellous Miniatures range for some of the more unusual choices in my Kings of War 'Order of the Green Lady' and I'm currently distracted by those.

Next Time
Good question. I'm really pleased to have finished that little project, so it should be another one of those and maybe some pics from our next club day - assuming we don't get canned by COVID-19 before then...

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Some Forward Project Progress

The Stupid
Here's this month's round of the stupid - 6 more Bloodcrushers, 10 more Fleshhounds and my first super-heavy, a Brass Scorpion of Khorne:


Too close to a Scorpion for my liking...
The Brass Scorpion is a classic and the only Khorne Daemon Engine from Epic that made the leap to 40K, albeit via Forgeworld. I've got four of the six that were made for Epic and while I wouldn't say no to a Death Dealer (because that model is cool) these are already going to be an insane number of proxy Sicarans in Apocalypse...

Next month's plan is to get some more World Eaters into play, so 40 World Eaters, Kharn the Betrayer and some Rhinos are inbound. Which means painting more white. Why do I do this to myself?

New doodads!

The final stage of getting my Aussies ready for MW & LW has begun with the arrival of two more Sentinels and some PIAT teams.

AC-1 Sentinels
I think I'm going to need to get one more Sentinel as I discovered that the Aussies did test one with a 17 pdr on it so I'd like to make one up to allow this tank to be a proper LW British tank platoon proxy. I'm definitely going to get the Matildas next though and make them up as Frogs as Churchill Crocodile proxies first.

PIAT Teams
The PIAT gunners are really nice. All three came with the same prone rifleman so I had to raid the parts box to get them made up less uniformly - so an Aussie officer with an Owen SMG and a British NCO from somewhere (I have no idea where he came from!) make up the teams.

Next Time
My 40K army contributions for the month (which are sitting on the painting table at the mo and are a bit of a deviation from my usual but are finishing up a project) and hopefully some finished Aussie photos. A week to paint seven infantrymen and two tanks shouldn't be that hard. Should it? We're also coming closer to the end of our current DnD campaign for Curse of Strahd and I'm definitely going to share some closing thoughts on how that's gone.

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Too Fast, Too Hoonious


So we finally got our cars out for a blat with some makeshift race track implements, the 2020 Gaslands Annual where bloggers Scotty, Pooch, Tank Engine and me and another fellow nerd, raced our 50 can cars against each other to see how this game goes.

Round 1.1 - we all take off,  Tank drops some mines and Pooch, aggressively rolling skid dice, hopelessly overcooks it and spins out.

And Pooch spins out...
By the end of round 1.5, this was the scene of carnage.  Tank's bus had taken off, I'd pulled a hairpin out of the gate and the massive lead storm and led to the complete smashing up of a bunch of cars.

...and explodes, followed by the destruction of my Rocket Car
 By Round 3.3 we were running VERY short of vehicles and ammo. It was going brilliantly.
Tank's bus made a run for the gate, my Citroen raced the long way around and Farmtruck hit the edge of the world.  
 Pooch's remaining car got stuck colliding with wreck after wreck while Tank and I raced for the first gate. The Bus made it through first but was undone by a profoundly jammy hairpin+slide+spin to get a bead on the bus who was racing ahead....

...and the Bus went down in flames!. Who in turn got the beans as Farmtruck, having recovered from smashing into the edge of the world, sent his last rocket under Roofbox's rear axle

Just to caveat this. We found the rule about not activating guns until after the first gate....the next day. So this was far more carnagerous than we expected. But hells bells it was funny. Definitely looking forward to making some more cars (a team of Moonshiners racing agricultural equipment seems too funny not to try!) and racing some more.

Next Time 
I'm definitely down for some painting this week so will be working on some more Khornate stuff in 6mm

Monday, 2 March 2020

Pooch's February 2020 update

February was a bit of a quiet month on the painting front- ridiculously busy on the work front for most of it which meant my painting time and desire were pretty low. Still, I managed to get some stuff done!

I have also swapped out one of my goals (I'm making the rules of this, so it's absolutely a thing I can do). Anyway, onto the progress.....

1. Paint a Kings of War Army- In progress
Still no basing on these, but I did finish up a unit of Spitters (archers).

Maybe I'll do some basing next month?

2. Create a table of terrain to support a game

No progress.

3. Complete the 6mm Apocalypse Challenge- In progress!
Like last month, I think I might have finished these up in the first day of February...

But, a mechanised infantry platoon of 3 squads each with a Heavy Bolter, a Command Squad with a flag, medic and heavy bolter, a Company Commander and Nork Deddog!

The infantry were 3d printed by one of our local group, and have come out really, really well.

50 PL of mechanised infantry!

Close up on the Command Squad

One of the Chimeras

100 PL so far!

Next up?

A bit of variety!

4. Run a narrative campaign for the group

Nothing further here....

5. Add a new detachment to one of my 40k armies

Nothing further here....

6. Buy a starter box and paint all of it

Nothing further here....

7. Paint a Space Marine Heroes Series

Nothing further here....

8. Update a 15mm Napoleonic army for Blackpowder

Nothing further here....

9. Paint a stand alone force- DONE

10. Update and improve a table of terrain
Nothing further here....

11. Paint a Flames of War Army (NEW)

Ok, so I have swapped out one of my goals- this one used to be playing a game and sharing a picture of it each month. But... I realised I needed to paint a new army for Panzershrek this year, and I may have failed at that this month.... I will still aim to share a picture of a game I have played however!

So what army then? Well, continuing my 82nd Airborne theme, and with a bunch of brand new figures released from Battlefront, the answer was easy!

This is where I got to in February- my Command HQ, and half of my first Para Platoon.

Points completed: 3

12. Finish what I should have finished last year- DONE!

You remember how I whinged about painting Storm Lords? Well.....

A Chapter Ancient and Apothecary. I meant to have them done last year but ran out of steam for finishing more Storm Lords. Motivation struck, so here they are!

The banner is freehand, which I then took to with some burning matches to make it look more "flag in a combat zone" rather than "flag on parade". Quite happy with how the effect came out, it's possible there may be some more Storm Lords in my future....

And that's it!

Remember, Morty is watching.....

Saturday, 29 February 2020

Hoon hoon!

Forgive the rough photos - the early morning sun gave me an opportunity to take some semi-well lit but they've not come out that well. I really need to get a lightbox for these piccies! 

This has been on the list for a while and I finally got off my butt and finished them Below are my Desert Raiders for Gaslands. 

The Command Truck. With .50 cal, bazooka, rockets and a minion! 

Twin .50s in the roof box


Zoom! Note RPG warhead in the backpack!
The vehicles all have drivers and the cars have co-drivers too (and both of them have AK-47s!) - Zvezda do some 1/72 scale moderns and the arms fit surprisingly well on the Gaslands crew models. The truck cab didn't really want to fit two crew so the co-driver is out the top with a bazooka. That vehicle is heavily overarmed and so I expect will be generally driving slow and blowing stuff up with it's absurd armament.

I really enjoyed this little project and I think I'll do another set at some point. I need to find another semi-coherent set of Hot Wheels that really float my boat. I'd love to do a set of seriously industrial vehicles but they tend to be made smaller than the cars because they'd be dumb big otherwise.

I had a little solo test game where my two Citroens raced each other to the end of my gaming table and back. Gaslands is mechanically quite simple but I suspect would be very interesting with more vehicles and a more complex track. I'm genuinely looking forward to playing a bigger race with the lads.

Pooch graciously reminded me last weekend that I hadn't painted something to add to one of my 40K armies (according to my 2020 goals), so I hammered through the half finished Priest from Blackstone Fortress to go into my Guard army. I need a priest to give +1A to my Guardsmen when I order them to 'Fix Bayonets' (something I do much much too often!) so he'll be a hoot.

Next Time
Literally no idea. I'm going to be away for a few days so if it's going to be anything impressive, it has to get done in the next couple of days. Seems....unlikely.

But I will be working on a new dimension of the Stupid over the next couple of weeks. Pooch happened to find me a classic Epic Great Unclean One and some Nurglings which means a parallel build of Death Guard and World Eaters is now on the blocks. And I've still got some options for Thousand Suns up my sleeve. And some Slaaneshi daemons. Chaos Undivided here we come?

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Some games and painting

100 Point Team Yankee

We had some visitors down at the club for a TY day and we broke out the 100 point games on 8x6s as a semi-serious exercise to make sure it would work in a tournament setting (and lo! It does!)

I was planning on running my Marines but with a shortage of WarPac players, I borrowed a Russian army and gave that a burl. It went....badly. It's a very steep learning curve when you've not played with them before and I got firmly kicked in both my games. The first one wound up being a really challenging Dust Up where I very nearly beat back an attacking ANZAC force, but my troops holding the objective didn't last long enough to buy me enough time to get reserves! I also totally forgot to take a single photo.

In my second game, I tried defending against Marines to see if that would make the learning experience easier. No spoilers, but it didn't. My dice were appalling and my opponents were not. It was most vexing. I also made a bunch of stupid mistakes...

But I did take a few photos of a very beautifully painted Marine army and very much enjoyed the game.

So WarPac army? 
I'm much less averse to the idea than I was. I think I'd like to give it another whack before I go down too many rabbit holes about things I could do with Afghansty (yeah, if I'm going to do it, that's probably how it's going to be done) or I see how close I can get the current Iran list from Oil War to look like mid-80s Jordanians, in the hope that Battlefront decides to do a Jordanian army at some point.

I have been making alarmingly slow progress on my Gaslands vehicles, mostly because I haven't really been able to think of how I wanted to paint them. But I've made it this far:

Next Time
Finished Gaslands cars and month 3 of the Stupid since next Sunday makes it technically a month since I last did something. Technically.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Sunday Workbench

I've been a bit all over the place with working on stuff this week so I've not managed to finish a thing but have managed a few random bits and bobs along the road. So here we go!

I built this army as part of a Morganfest competition (where the tables, armies and scenarios are fixed, the players move) where Tank and I built Aussies and Japanese for a game drawn from the battles around Gona, Buna and Sanananda in the middle years of World War 2.

I definitely took some liberties (like using the cut down 25pdrs, which are far more appropriate for Kokoda than later) but they were too cool not to do.

Most of the army got a tidy up and repaint a few years back when Tank and I took a doubles army of Marines and Australians to Panzerschreck but I never got around to finishing the job. So I've gone through and tidied up the third infantry platoon, the 25pdrs and a pair of Vickers HMGs. I've got another pair of Vickers on the painting table alongside a sniper (I know, but I had a spare...)

I've also ordered a pair of Sentinels to go with the one I already have as part of proxying these as MW Australians and some PIATs (all from Eureka in Australia) to make them LW compatible. I am having ideas of making up some Matilda II Frogs and treating those as Churchill Crocs for a LW army.

This is one of those games I've wanted to play for ages and somehow, it didn't take much to get some nerds on board. I found some sweet French cars in a model store in Australia and decided they'd be the basis for my first set of Gaslands cars.

They come from a set of desert rally vehicles so I think I'll stick to that sort of a theme and am going to paint them up as a kind of desert pirate crew - some random desert camouflage and some sort of emblem for the crew which I haven't worked out yet. I've got a spare roof box for the car on the right too which I'm quite keen to fill up with a different weapon load out. I'm definitely going to do some more and go for a more post-apocalyptic vibe the second time around.

I blame blogger Scotty for this. He got some of the AT Knights and I decided I wanted some too. I'm almost certainly never going to buy a Cerastus Knight from Forgeworld so I got the AT versions instead!

These two Lancers will go on table as Super Heavy hunters or escorts for Angry Ron when I get him out. They are super detailed and surprisingly posable for the scale. I am looking forward to painting them.

Next Time
We're playing some more TY on 8x6 tables in a week's time so I'll report on how my Marines get on for those games. I'm ditching the air support altogether for these games. We'll see how that goes.

Saturday, 8 February 2020

In which your author paints MASSTER and more white....

...and regrets some of his palette choices. Again. 

Things what I have painted

First off, here's Month 2 of the Stupid:

The first chunk of my World Eaters - two Predators, a Landraider, three Helbrutes and a Lord on a Juggernaut. I hate myself for picking ANOTHER white army. You'd think I'd either know better by now or that I'd be good at it. Clearly, neither of those things is true. However, they are a nice counterpoint to the horde of red that is the daemons.

I also *finally* finished my 15mm Team Yankee army as I played a game with clubmate Russell (more on that later) and decided that it was about time I painted the last 5 M60s. So here is the 2iC and the third platoon of 4 M60A1s. So with that finished, I think that this army is pretty much done. I'm umming and ahhing about getting two more Sergeant Yorks for the army and I'm working up a plan for some chopper transport for my Marine platoon but otherwise, I think I'm done with Marines.

The question now is "should I do a WarPac army?" I'm tempted by a second TY army as I have enjoyed painting the modern kit. My first instinct was ANZACs but we are suffering locally from a dearth of WarPac armies so that's led me down two other routes. I'm tempted by Afghansty, especially with Battlefront indicating that a HiP kit is due later this year or potentially by Iranians, who will be painted as Jordanians until such time as a Jordanian list becomes available. The slightly vexing thing there is the kit mix for the Jordanians falls somewhere between the Iraqi and Iranian lists from Oil War. We'll see.

Games what I have played

Clubmate Russell is running a 100 point on 6x8 tables event later this year and we decided to play a test game. Here are the two photos I remembered to take before we'd even started. At the top, my right flank and it's spearhead:

And then Russell's right flank and it's spearhead. This is why 8x6 tables folks!

First off, it was a great game. Russell is a very very good player and I always find playing him to be a real challenge because I am not. I generally find that I like to just put in a competitive showing! While in the end it was a 3-3 draw because we ran out of time, it didn't feel like there wasn't a chance for a result. Russell's dice had been appalling for most of the game and I had managed to get my Marines in place to stop him winning on his right.  I think one more turn he would have been broken as I only had to remove one BRDM and two Gaskins to get there. If I hadn't picked a dusk attack and suddenly failed to see properly at the last, it would have been easy! 

Just as importantly though, it was great playing on an 8x6. My terrain collection is very Eastern Europe farmland themed so there's not a huge amount of LOS blocking terrain. It's not super dense either but interestingly the size meant that there was a decent amount of room to move around outside the ranges of most weapons, which is a nice balance. It also made spearhead SUPER relevant because in a game with 48" of ground between deployment zones, you can spearhead very aggressively. I spearheaded first with a view to beating his Carnations with my M60s and taking their objective, missing the fact that Russell could make a 40" road move with his BRDMs and be as close to me as possible in turn 1. And then he went first. Not ideal. 

I also played my first game of Apocalypse with the 6mm stuff yesterday too with Scotty and Tank. It was more about learning the mechanics of the game (which are fascinating, different to 40K and quite a lot more brutal) and trying to see if making no changes to the stats would work in 6mm. The conclusion, at this point, is that we'll leave command and deployment in inches and move everything else to cm. That avoids turn one Bloodthirster charges which, while I doubt would be all that effective, would be unfun. In principle though, it worked really well and putting 500+ points on a 6x4 in 6mm will be AWESOME. And it'll look great. I had better get to basing up my old Titan Legions buildings. 

Next Time
Almost certainly a painting / workbench blog as I am starting to have to pick up some of the more taxing tasks on the table of doom. I'll be prepping the bases for Month 3 of the Stupid and painting some sweet sweet initiative markers that one of my Wednesday night DnD crew ran up on his 3D printer.