Saturday, 12 December 2020

December Rememberance

 I love hooning around with Mid-War Italian armour. It's a lot of fun. I still think it's a bit good and sometimes it's obscenely effective, especially in period like this.

Game One v Bob

Honeys vs M14s. What a game. Bob's dice were horrific and his Stuarts went down in a bit of a hail of Italian HEAT shells.

Hurricanes inbound!

My dice, on the other hand, were stupid. For two turns, Grants shot an M14 platoon and bailed three tanks in two rounds of shooting. So then I charged the Grants in order to shoot them in the flanks and Bob's dice, just for a moment, came good, and the whole M14 platoon evaporated!

Sneaky tanks appear on the flanks

In the end, I rolled onto both objectives and Bob's Honey army broke about the same time. Turns out the 5+ Last Stand rolls are really tough and while the Honey is a good match for the M14, I just had too many tanks for too long.

Game Two v Blogger Pooch

This was a silly game in which Pooch attacked me in FFA and I spent most of the game trying to gun down his bazookas in buildings so I could hoon around the table willy nilly. I threw A LOT of MG dice in this game and was frequently rewarded but my Semoventes being used as artillery weren't as effective as they needed to be...

Fort is fortified!

...and I didn't redeploy them fast enough to take on Pooch's Lees, which had one critical round of shooting that turned the game on it's head. So I hammered my remnant armour onto the objective where I was promptly shot to pieces by 37mm guns and overrun by the last few Paras.

I took the objective, briefly.

Pooch won it 8 - 1 but that was one of those games where a couple of die rolls falling another way and it would have been a lot closer.

Game Three v Steve

This game was a rough one for Steve. Running US rifles with a Sherman platoon in support, he needed that platoon to do a lot of heavy lifting. It lifted an M14 platoon off the park before it had a VERY rough turn getting shot in the front by Semoventes and in the rear by M14s. Steve's saves there were really not what they needed to be.

Sneaky bazooka teams

 Steve's sneaky bazookas were incredibly effective and he played them really well given that he only had two. That bazooka team above basically accounted for an M14 platoon by himself.  The platoon on the other objective had a very torrid time. I threw at least 45 MG dice at it for 7 turns. Steve failed an entirely average number of saves and I passed ONE firepower roll on a 6. It was unreal. I was lucky to be able to shove a half platoon off an objective with the Semoventes in assault to win in time.

 It was a fun day out, as ever, to hang out with the lads, eat some pizza and play some games. It's an entirely appropriate way to remember our friend Nick.

Next Time

We head into the holidays in the Antipodes so it'll probably be a lot of painting and workbenches through to the new year with some occasional gaming in that period. There's a few cool things and a lot of prep on the work programme for 2021 so neat new toys are inbound! 

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