Saturday, 15 April 2017

I have a confession to make......

My Magpieism has gone beyond it's usual crazy. I was lucky enough to sell a whole lot of FoW German Tanks to Richard at ValleyCon, which left me with a dilemma. Just what could I spend my money on? Mmmmmmm..... there has been a game I have longed for for quite a while - The Chicago Way by Great Escape Games. I absolutely love the prohibition era of US history - especially the gangster movies, with Tommy guns and Concrete shoes. So I took the plunge. Now I haven't discussed this with any of the other members of the Regiment (hence the confession) and a few years ago when The Chicago Way first hit the scene, it was greeted with a luke warm reception from a couple of the people around the club. But I have forged ahead anyway.
The game itself is quite similar to another Great Escape Game that I dearly love - Dead Man's Hand. I am yet to have a game against another opponent but the few dry runs I have done include that same wonderful randomness of Dead Man, with Vehicles added into the mix - so you can do drive by's of course. The first box set I got was the Moonshiners - what a great feel the gang has. The sculpts are terrific and the models painted up really well.
Then I couldn't resist the Law. Firstly I added the Police - and again I am really pleased with the figures. Soon after Dat Ape vouchers from ValleyCon got spent on the Detective Squad - enter Elliot Ness :)
The Regiment RPGers have started a Cthulhu Campaign set in the 1920's and I couldn't resist getting a character for that from Copplestone - it makes a good Gangster crew too.
I have long been collecting a city scape set of terrain for various games - so that has allowed me to create a really cool board to play on too.
The cars are a collection of toys and other vehicles I have purchased over the years. So there it is - my confession. Now to see if I can convince any of the other magpies to play a game with me :)

A little bit FlamesofWarrery

It's been a long time between posts. I've been busy about the place though. If you haven't had a look at McBeth's post or Pooch's post about the excellent work being done by Ollie at Battlekiwi ( then you should. I've also been doing some work on an Infinity table with Ollie's amazing terrain. I'll pop some piccies up of the board when I'm done with it. Here's a teaser tho:

Note sweet sweet matching base!

This post is a bit of a painting update. Something else I haven't done in fricking ages. With the release of V4 for Flames of War I think a bit of interest has been rekindled amongst the magpies and I have booked in my second serious game of V4 with Richard (and his musings) later in the month.

Some StuGs. Not all of them though. 
Big gun.
Bigger gun. 
Motorcycle scouts. Note absent motorcycles.
As a break from painting, I thought I might make up some cards for this game as well. These are a bit experimental and there's a bit of work to be done. I'm quite enjoying learning to use GIMP for the photo editing and making up some cool things to help my gaming:

I've promised Richard a set for the game too so I'll take some pics when we play it next weekend and you'll get to see what happens when I try not working solely in greyscale.

Next up from me? My Ikko Ikki (ish) for Test of Honour. I've painted all the cool stuff (that is, the warrior monk and the Samuari) so I just have to sort myself out and paint the peasants!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

15mm Team Yankee- Skirmish in the desert

Team Yankee.

I like the game, and so when Richard (I blame him entirely) said "I'm thinking about 15mm", there was no way I was going to get away without getting M1A1s.

I picked up the Bannon's Boys boxed set a while back, and had organised a game with Richard, mainly to motivate myself to get them painted!

F-16 on my custom built base, held on by a magnet

You can read his write up of the weekend's game here, but in short, it was not a glorious few games for the Americans. Dice can be absolutely heartless!

This was what I was hoping for. Many wrecked soviet tanks. It was not what I got.
Our first game was a Dust Up. 

Lead elements from the 2nd Armoured Cavalry Regiment had taken up positions in and around Compound 44.

XO and CP, with Compound 44 in the background

First tank troop moved forward to engage the enemy tanks, scoring two kills!

Return fire however was crushing- 4 shots, 3 hits (on a 5+) and 2 killed outright.....

2nd Platoon arrives from reserve and engages the Soviets in a knife fight. 4 shots, needing a 4.

4 1's rolled on the dice. Sigh.

In case you are wondering, they died to return fire too,.

But the Cobras turned up, and Compound 44 became my Alamo.

Soviet aviation arrived, trying to snipe the rear of the M1s. More T-72s have arrived in the background also.

One of the Cobras has split off to engage the Hind with it's 20mm

As to the effectiveness of the Cobra's 20mm? You will note that there is still two Hinds flying around....
So how did that all end? Well, not a win to the Cav. Losing both Abrams platoons quickly and cheaply wasn't the plan at all! I did at least destroy more than a few T-72s on the way in....

On to game two! No retreat

With the blocking elements destroyed, the remainder of the 2nd Cav tank troop retired back to a defensive position around compound 49, and called for more air support (F-16s).

Defensive position!

The soviets massed as ever, the horde of T-72s massing on one flank with Hinds in support

The T-72s crested the hill, only to be met by 120mm rounds from the M1A1s

What was seeming to be a typical helicopter furball happened- damn Cobras still couldn't penetrate the Hind's armour!

This was the end run of the game, the wrecks of two Soviet tank companies, all done by M1s, Cobras and F-16s.

Tank 22 stands triumphant!

All in all, I really enjoyed the games. The miniatures look fantastic, I am really proud of how my Abrams came out (especially the aerials- first time I have done them!). It is a pity I can't roll dice very well!

Some notes on the games itself
  • Air has a big impact on the game when there is no AA. I think that once Richard adds Zeus and I add Vulcans, the air assets won't be anywhere near as scary. F-16s firing Mavericks (because AT27 is silly) made an absolute mess of one of his tank companies on successive turns, but with SAMs on table, they won't have a chance to get in.
  • NATO are an interesting force to play, and one I don't think I have right yet. Relying on their armour isn't going to work, you are basically always one turn away from it all going HORRIBLY wrong, and that is an interesting way to play. Two tank platoons are far too fragile, so I will be definitely ordering more M1s.
  • Choosing casualties is fun too- I always picked platoon commander, not just because it is funny (because it is), but also because it starts splitting up the larger Soviet tank formations, and makes you more able to break them by (effectively) moving the commander away from his unit! Which sounds awesome as an idea, but I wasn't able to kill enough to make it happen properly...
  • We are going to go 75 points, on a table twice as big (more or less). That will give plenty of room for maneuver and present some pretty cool tactical challenges too- not everything will be in range, all of the time!
Ah well, off to the Battlefront website to order Vulcans. And ITOWs. And more Abrams.... it is possible I might be hooked.



Sunday, 2 April 2017

Review: BattleKiwi Part 2: La Belle Alliance

So as McB said in his post, we are all basically hooked on BattleKiwi products. Being the magpie that I am, I am no different.

When BattleKiwi posted up about creating a 28mm MDF version of La Belle Alliance, my first response was naturally "can I have it in 15mm?"

And, sure enough, this pile of MDF arrived with my latest base order....

Many, many pieces of cut MDF
So after having the last few weeks' modelling time only spent on writing, it was a nice change for the weekend to sit down and build some things, and La Belle Alliance was first on the list!

How did it shape up? Well, this is the real one...

And this is BattleKiwi's offering:

Old Guard added for effect

And the roof comes off!
How do I rate it then?
  • BattleKiwi uses coloured MDF which is masked for cutting. This means that you can have a whole white wall (the coloured) with the bricks and windowsills in brown (the masking tape). This gives a really good effect, for not having to pick up a paint brush!
  • Assembly was easy, my approach is to always dryfit stuff, then glue using Super Glue. This kit was no different, and it went together in only a few minutes (once I had figured out where all the pieces went!)
  • Detail. Being a scaled down 28mm kit, there are some very detailed pieces here- especially the window shutters. These are seperate pieces, and can be modelled open or closed (I did a mix as you can see). While fiddly, they look awesome! If you aren't so keen on the fiddly detailing, you could easily leave them off.
The 15mm kit hasn't reached the BattleKiwi site yet, but I have high hopes for some more kits like it!


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Review: BattleKiwi

I've just received a package in the mail from Ollie at Battlekiwi ( today (at work, of course - who wants to have to explain all the packages turning up at home to the missus! Love you dear)

I needed to get some things for my Bolt Action forces so I approached Ollie to see if he could make them for me. I wanted to get a couple of customised objective markers with one set for my 51st Highland force and another for my new Grossdeutchland force. Ollie was well up for the task.

After sending up a couple of images that I wanted to use, Ollie cut the 40mm round acrylic with the designs.

They are exactly what I wanted!

While I was making my German force for BA, I had the issue of not having enough models to show the rifle/panzerfaust armed troops from Warlord Games' Grenadier box. A search around the internet did not come up with any figures that I liked and I also disliked the idea of the models having to solely be armed in the WYSIWYG format. So, I asked Ollie if he could make panzerfaust markers that iIcould use next to each figure that had one and remove once it has been fired. Fortunately Ollie had been experimenting with this very idea and you'll see on his site the option for the markers!

These are great!

All in all, great product, response and service from Battle Kiwi. Check out his site for more products especially his wizbang Infinity terrain.

Now all I need him to do is design both a Haqqislam themed set and a set of ruined space colony buildings, a'la Aliens...


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

2017- What does it hold for me? (Pooch)

So, 2016.

Glad you are no longer with us.

On to 2017!

So what does it have in store? Well, I want to keep the good(ish) habit I began last year which was to actually finish things, a short list of what I did last year includes...
  • A 15mm Napoleonic British army
  • Four Bolt Action armies
  • Four 6mm Team Yankee armies
  • A Norman army for Impetus
  • Two Infinity forces
  • A fair few Flames of War Germans for two tournaments I played
Which wasn't all that I planned to do, but it was actually a good amount finished!

In keeping with that trend then, what do I want to get done in 2017?

1) Impetus
It's no secret I like Impetus, but am rubbish at completing armies- which is why the Normans are such as surprise! Clearly forgetting my inabilities, I have decided to paint another Impetus army this year. As for which one, McBeth has been working on Romans for the last little while, which very neatly leads me to.... Carthaginians!

This is actually most of the army, just missing some Cavalry and Elephants!

2) Napoleonics in 15mm
So for super secret project #8, I painted up a British Waterloo army. I have the makings of a French army in a box upstairs, in fact, some of them are even painted! But might end up doing Prussians. Or Dutch-Belgians. Or Brunswickers. Or Polish....

Whatever the army is, there will be another one!

3) Team Yankee
I like the idea of 1980s Cold War gone hot, and I do like Team Yankee- Battlefront have made a great product there I think. So, it should surprise no one then that when one the club members said "hey, I am keen on 15mm Team Yankee" that I jumped straight onto that bandwagon!

My plan is a US Tank force, which I will paint up as M1A1 tanks for Desert Storm. Just willing Battlefront to release M3 Bradleys now, so I can have Armoured Cavalry!

The vauge plan is to play around 75 points, so I am starting with the Bannons Boys boxed set and then progressively building from there.

Bannon's Boys boxed set. Because M1A1.
4) Bolt Action

Well, Bolt Action. I painted no less than four armies for this last year, and still wasn't happy with the job that I did on them. So, I made the decision to cut down to one army at Valleycon, selling my US and most of my germans- but the halftracks, Tiger and Puma didn't sell.

And so, those became the starting point for my new army! With the money raised, I bought a whole lot of the lovely new Winter Germans. Plan is to whitewash all of the vehicles, have all of the infantry in greatcoats etc and make the OPFOR for McZ's Americans. An idea I have stolen from Shep is to have Battlekiwi cut some bases from his cobblestone roads, thus making the basing step so easy for me!

I have done a couple of test figures, and I am really happy with the result!

Warlord winter german, Battlekiwi base and GW snow product
5) Flames of War 

I played two Flames of War competitions last year, and really did enjoy them. Add to that the upcoming release of V4, I can only expect I will want to play more!

I made a good dent into the repaint/rebuild of a very old Flames of War German army made up of the spare parts I had lying around the house, and scrounged from other Regimenters. I will try to keep the progress going to get the last of it done! 

6) Miscellaneous

And, hell. If you are on our blog you have figured out we love random projects. All those little games like In Her Majesty's name or Dead Mans Hand, or even those bigger games like Warlord's Gates of Antares. I should really build more model kits. And more Infinity. Or 28mm French Napoleonics for Chosen Men. Or maybe Zulus for The Men Who Would be Kings. Or Afghans...

So how random? Repainting X-Wings to be Blue Squadron random!

Obligatory "pew pew"

So there you have it. I wouldn't call it a plan, more of a "disorganised list". Which is probably about all you can hope for with us!


Thursday, 9 February 2017

2017: what does it hold for me? (McBeth)

Plans are afoot!

Now that Gamesmas and ValleyCon 2017 are over I can look at gathering my thoughts regarding the coming year (seeing its now February y'know). Plans, both well thought and diabolical, race through my head, but as usual with new year's resolutions of restricting the intake of bad things such as chocolate and booze, I thought I'd hold back on getting too exited about new projects and try and limit myself. At the moment, I only have two projects that require figures to paint and I find myself turning more and more to the idea of terrain making. One complication for this year for me will be that Mrs McBeth (no wait, that sounds like I'm talking about my mum!), err Lady McBeth (oh yes. MUCH better :| ) and I have plans to renovate the house (not into Cawdor Castle though. that was vetoed very early on!) which that will mean the games room will need to be first packed, then moved, then cleaned and we will likely be living at the mother-in-law's for a couple of weeks or months.

Republican Romans for Impetvs

I had already started this project last year with several purchases of A&A Miniatures excellent Gaulish/Celtic figures. The initial idea was to do Carthaginians, but then just before Christmas I saw Mighty Ape had a sale on Victrix's Republican Romans in chain mail (Lorica Hamata for you nerds out there) so I snapped them up as a pressie to myself. The opening did not last until Christmas day and I had already opened them and finished painting two bases of Velites by Christmas morning!

The list consists of two legions supported by various locals. The celts are kind of trying to be Celtiburians or Spanishy-celty dudes to try and make sense that I also have Numidian cavalry in the force too.

I also picked up some Warlord Games slingers and the great little Pullo and Vorenus figures to act as my commanders. These are unfortunately still 'in transit'. Mr Bowman is trying to hunt down where the package has got to :(

I've been using the LBM shield transfers for both the Celts and the Romans and they are lovely, but bloody fiddly! It took a few to get the hang of it. My main problem was matching the colour of the red Roman shields to cover all the white showing through.

Late War Germans for Bolt Action

I had been looking for an OPFOR for my 51st HD army and when Regimenteer Bob "Mad as a cut Snake" Pearce was selling off a box of the Warlord Grenadiers, I threw cash at him and grabbed the box. The plan was to wait until the Romans were complete before I purchase any more figures for the army, but because I won the Flames of War competition at ValleyCon 2017, I had a few $$ worth of vouchers to spend at Mighty Ape! I also picked up Poochie's StuG IIIG from the bring and buy table :)

The plan is for a small, mobile force with lots of firepower - very German. Plenty of Stg44s and panzerfausts and MG42s in one section. No HMGs or mortars, but maybe some Sturmpionere and flame throwers!

Odds and Sods

- basing vampires for IHMN

I've had these for a while now and McZermof kindly pointed out during our Gamesmas game of IHMN that I should really finish them.

- painting arc cannon for IHMN

Again, McZermof pointed out that I've had this figure for my British rifle company for IHMN for quite some time undercoated and on the painting shelf.

- Austrians 15mm

I think my first posts on the blog was me painting the Austrians for Napoleon at War. Some recent motivation has come up to have these finished so with only two battalions to go I should get these done this year. (Seeing I painted a French army in the last 4 months of 2016 for another project...)

- 25mm AWI

After last year's fantastic Black Powder game of AWI, I have a whole heap of sprues of Continental infantry in my basement. I reckon there are about 4-5 regiments there so the aim will be to break up some of the other projects and paint a regiment every so often.


As always, there is a heap of terrain projects that I'd like to do but I find myself limited by time and ability.

- Cornfields
These would be great to have for any game but in particular the AWI games that I'm not playing :) There is a great product from JTT's that has O Scale ripe corn stalks, but at $30 per 28 stalks they are expensive. I think I could find cheaper versions, maybe via eBay or AliExpress...

- Buildings for Frostgrave
I made these last year and want to expand the ruins to have some arches and walls to break LOS

Well, thats about it. Of course, as this blog is about a motley collection of magpies, these plans will change and be augmented by whatever new shiny comes along!


Sunday, 5 February 2017

ValleyCon - after the dust has settled

The Hutt Club hosted its annual wargames convention - ValleyCon this weekend past at Expressions Event centre in Upper Hutt and what a weekend it was. We had our largest ValleyCon attendance yet - 123(ish) gamers from around the country. As usual we had great support from our sponsors, visit them - they're awesome (you'll have to pop into the Beachfront Pharmacy in Paraparaumu to visit the Hobby Corner):


People traveled from as far afield as Auckland and Balclutha to play toy soldiers for a couple of days. We expanded the range of games on offer again this year and will probably keep it to this list next year as we did a good job of filling the hall comfortably with enough room left for some of the games to expand:

  • Warhammer 40K (14 players)
  • Age of Sigmar (22!!!)
  • Flames of War (14)
  • Warmachine/Hordes (16)
  • Lord of the Rings (10)
  • DBMM (18)
  • Infinity (7)
  • Bolt Action (14)
  • Malifaux (8)
Club members, and some of the visitors, rallied around on Friday evening to get the tables set and terrain ready for the early kick off on Saturday morning.

Then at 8am the hordes descended! I'm not going to give a blow by blow of the event but each TO has provided a small writeup and some pics below:

Demo games

Gates of Antares

A really nice looking table put on by Scott Bowman from The Hobby Corner

Wings of War

some WW1 biplane action


This was the first time that someone has attempted to run a multi-day Infinity event and I was more than a little nervous about it, particularly as 5 of the 7 players travelled down from Auckland! Thankfully they were all great sports about it and saw it as an opportunity to show Infinity as a great tourney game with loads of great table eye candy and try to draw in a few more players. The eye candy factor definitely worked with loads of interest coming from other competitors and Joe Public walking through. 
The Infinity scenarios are split into three groups:
  • Direct action - scenarios more focused on causing casualties or otherwise dominating the tablespace
  • Special operations - you'll need lots of specialist troops to interact with mission objectives
  • Combined Ops - scenarios with a mix of the two play styles
To keep things interesting over the two days, I used Direct action scenarios for the first day and Special ops for the second and allowed players to swap lists to suit the scenario types.

Auckland has a very active Infinity scene, most players getting in a couple of games a week so they were all going to be stiff competition. All of the players were great sports and everyone ended the weekend having thoroughly enjoyed themselves and promising to get back next year (well, I took it as promises anyway.

the results at the top of the table were very close:

Jed Stanton
Jason Farley
Luke Brimblecombe
Matt van Dam
Isaac Nannestad
Chris Parkin
Dave Fraser
and some pics of the games:

Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar made its debut at ValleyCon this year and managed to attract the biggest field at the event with 22 players! We have a strong traveling group with 4 from Auckland and 2 from Hamilton. The tournament was 2,000 point games with 5 rounds played over 2 days. The games drew a number of spectators with questions and comments. While Age of Sigmar has been out 18 months the tournament system is only 6 months old. There was a great mix of armies with 8 Order, 6 Chaos, 5 Death and 3 Destruction. 

The tournament ran smoothly with no drama and only positive feedback. It was won by Matthew Britton (The Champ) with his Destruction list. This is Matthew's first tournament win after 2 previous strong finishes. Congratulations Matthew this was well deserved! Best Army (Paint) went to Matt Watkinson, who recently arrived from the UK. Best Sports went to new on the scene Joel Taylor who corrected his opponent interpretation of how a scenario worked which meant Joel lost the game then and there, great sportsmanship!      

Age of Sigmar is still in its infancy and the next 12 months looks to be a very exciting time with a number of events taking place in Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. This will be capped off with Masters in Wellington at the end of the year. For more information on the Age Of Sigmar scene in New Zealand, check out contact/ It has a number of useful links and upcoming tournaments. 

Warmachine / Hordes

So a motley crew of 16 competitors rolled out to play an Iron Gauntlet Version of the Warmachine Steamroller rules at Valleycon 2017.

Some beautiful armies competed across 6 rounds to find a champion worthy of the title. Each player had three lists of 50 points and the last round would be made up to 75 points from the lists they had used in the previous rounds. Some players only used two lists and restricted themselves in the last dash for glory.

Our final standings saw 
1st Place  - Mike Thorn (Cryx)
2nd Place - Rob Van Der Wal (Khador)
3rd Place - Scott Wyngarden (Mercenaries)

Best Painted - Rohan Prince (Mercenaries)
Assassin - Scott Patterson (Trolls)
Butcher - Scott Wyngarden (Mercenaries)
Best Sport - Rohan Prince
Wooden Spoon - James Braid (Minions - Pigs)

Bolt Action

14 players went to war at ValleyCon, playing Bolt Action, the WWII wargame. There were seven Axis armies (4 German, 3 Japanese) against 7 Allied armies (2 American, 2 Soviet, 3 British).
Four missions were played over the two days. Best Sport went to John Fletcher, who fielded a very cool US army and suffered appalling dice. Best Army went to Russell Briant - this was a tough choice, as there were some really well painted armies (all the armies were well painted, and Bolt Action is very easy to field a fully painted army without too much hassle), but Russell's Japanese army was not only well painted but had a lot of really cool conversions. Third place went to Reg Newell, who fielded a vanilla regular British army - it is a sign of how the rules are pretty robust when an ordinary army can be pretty tough and competitive. Second place went to Haydyn Hitchcock, who fielded a very cool US army mounted in halftracks. And the winner was Heath Hitchcock, who had a very nasty Japanese army, with two big squads of bamboo spear armed conscripts, two squads of elite Japanese marines, a bunch of "human bullet" suicide anti-tank troops, an ex-British armoured car, and a heavy howitzer mounted on a light tank.
I played with a German Luftwaffe Division - a formation of middle-aged men, reluctantly thrown into battle. They were all classed as Inexperienced (i.e. rubbish!), but were stiffened by the presence of a mighty Tiger tank! To my amazement, the presence of the Tiger tank seemed to mesmerise many of my opponents, which meant that my poor quality Luftwaffe infantry were able to survive most games. This is a good example of how in Bolt Action there is a lot of variation in your armies if you want it.

Warhammer 40,000

We had 14 participants who played 5 rounds of Warhammer 40,000 7th
Edition. Each round was a mixture of eternal war and maelstrom of war missions from the main rulebook. We had armies from various factions including Blood Angels, Eldar, Ultramarines, Necrons, Black Templars, Space Wolves, Tau, Genestealer Cult & Tyranids, Harlequins, and Grey Knights. Seems like the ‘bad guys’ were outnumbered pretty heavily – or are there any such thing as ‘good guys’ in the 40k universe? Competition was fiercely fought across the weekend with only a single point splitting the first and second places on overall points in the end. The armies on display were a joy to look at and everyone seemed to enjoy the weekend.
Here are some pics of the battles below.

Flames of War

Flames of War has been a stalwart for many years at Valleycon. 14 players made 1000 point Early War armies, representing Russians, Germans, British, Kiwis, French and Italian armies.
With seven games over the weekend and with an hour and a half for play, all of the players had their work cut out for them! And to their credit, every one of them did their absolute best at following the first rule of sportsmanship (don’t be a dick). And of course, every tournament organiser loves it when you only have to look in the rulebook all of four times to help people out...

Points were based on how many wins each player had, and then used the Battlefront victory points for a countback. On to the results. As you can see, it was a closely run thing, with every player losing at least two games!
McBeth managed to sneak away with the win in the end, squeaking past Tank and Bede who were snapping at his heels! The trophy for first place commemorates our great friend, and Regiment Stalwart Nick Garden. You can read more about his story here ( Suffice to say, it is always a special point of remembrance to have the trophy presented.
















Best Painted army went to Richard’s lovely 11th Hussars (better pics here: , and Best Sport went to Andrew, because anyone who can run horses at tanks with a smile on their face game after game deserves a damn medal!
Thanks to all who provided terrain, especially Kreative Scenery who not only supplied two gorgeous tables, but also prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd! Check out the different things to buy at their website ( And another big thanks to our other sponsor, Mighty Ape for their generous prizes.

Lord of the Rings


28mm DBMM comp at Valley-Con 2017.

John Van Den Hoeven ( Umpire/Player) ran a vary successful 400/450AP comp. 18 entries was 2 more than previous year. The odserver interest was  high & I think that we may have at least one returning gamer and one new gamer interested in playing DBMM in 28mm.

Going into the last round we had 5 gamers in a position to take out the comp. Made it all the more interesting .

Top 3 finish were;
1. Allen Yaxley ( Buyid of Baghdad)
2. Graeme Starkey ( Selucid)
3. Peter Noble ( Summerian)

Very high standard of presentation from all those attending. great looking figures & terrain. John's terrain from Mighty ape looked great.
Alastair & Gary had beautiful Greek armies.