Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Lords of Ruin

A couple months ago I hatched a plan to convert a few models for the Warmachine tournament Lords of Ruin. You may remember such posts as....becoming a monstrosity. Well I managed to finish these guys off and had a blast running a fun list with no less than six monstrosities in one list.

The most gratifying end to the tournament was that my army was judged best artisan, something I have wanted to win, but always been is awe of these with better brush skills than I. Big thanks to the judges and the tournament organiser, Sean, who always run a top notch event.

So here are some pics of the finished crew!

The whole gang

The Legion Monstrosity - a Warden

The Troll Monstrosity - a Wrecker

The Circle Monstrosity - another Warden

Gratuitous Trophy Photo

Till next time, when I will have some Infinity Models to share,



  1. And well deserved too, Scotty. Those conversions are stunning!