Tuesday, 14 February 2017

2017- What does it hold for me? (Pooch)

So, 2016.

Glad you are no longer with us.

On to 2017!

So what does it have in store? Well, I want to keep the good(ish) habit I began last year which was to actually finish things, a short list of what I did last year includes...
  • A 15mm Napoleonic British army
  • Four Bolt Action armies
  • Four 6mm Team Yankee armies
  • A Norman army for Impetus
  • Two Infinity forces
  • A fair few Flames of War Germans for two tournaments I played
Which wasn't all that I planned to do, but it was actually a good amount finished!

In keeping with that trend then, what do I want to get done in 2017?

1) Impetus
It's no secret I like Impetus, but am rubbish at completing armies- which is why the Normans are such as surprise! Clearly forgetting my inabilities, I have decided to paint another Impetus army this year. As for which one, McBeth has been working on Romans for the last little while, which very neatly leads me to.... Carthaginians!

This is actually most of the army, just missing some Cavalry and Elephants!

2) Napoleonics in 15mm
So for super secret project #8, I painted up a British Waterloo army. I have the makings of a French army in a box upstairs, in fact, some of them are even painted! But might end up doing Prussians. Or Dutch-Belgians. Or Brunswickers. Or Polish....

Whatever the army is, there will be another one!

3) Team Yankee
I like the idea of 1980s Cold War gone hot, and I do like Team Yankee- Battlefront have made a great product there I think. So, it should surprise no one then that when one the club members said "hey, I am keen on 15mm Team Yankee" that I jumped straight onto that bandwagon!

My plan is a US Tank force, which I will paint up as M1A1 tanks for Desert Storm. Just willing Battlefront to release M3 Bradleys now, so I can have Armoured Cavalry!

The vauge plan is to play around 75 points, so I am starting with the Bannons Boys boxed set and then progressively building from there.

Bannon's Boys boxed set. Because M1A1.
4) Bolt Action

Well, Bolt Action. I painted no less than four armies for this last year, and still wasn't happy with the job that I did on them. So, I made the decision to cut down to one army at Valleycon, selling my US and most of my germans- but the halftracks, Tiger and Puma didn't sell.

And so, those became the starting point for my new army! With the money raised, I bought a whole lot of the lovely new Winter Germans. Plan is to whitewash all of the vehicles, have all of the infantry in greatcoats etc and make the OPFOR for McZ's Americans. An idea I have stolen from Shep is to have Battlekiwi cut some bases from his cobblestone roads, thus making the basing step so easy for me!

I have done a couple of test figures, and I am really happy with the result!

Warlord winter german, Battlekiwi base and GW snow product
5) Flames of War 

I played two Flames of War competitions last year, and really did enjoy them. Add to that the upcoming release of V4, I can only expect I will want to play more!

I made a good dent into the repaint/rebuild of a very old Flames of War German army made up of the spare parts I had lying around the house, and scrounged from other Regimenters. I will try to keep the progress going to get the last of it done! 

6) Miscellaneous

And, hell. If you are on our blog you have figured out we love random projects. All those little games like In Her Majesty's name or Dead Mans Hand, or even those bigger games like Warlord's Gates of Antares. I should really build more model kits. And more Infinity. Or 28mm French Napoleonics for Chosen Men. Or maybe Zulus for The Men Who Would be Kings. Or Afghans...

So how random? Repainting X-Wings to be Blue Squadron random!

Obligatory "pew pew"

So there you have it. I wouldn't call it a plan, more of a "disorganised list". Which is probably about all you can hope for with us!


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