Monday, 11 June 2018

Time for a catch up.

It has been a while since I posted and I am a few projects along, probably (SWMBO would say) too many. The latest game on the scene is Blood Red Skies - Warlords WWII Dog Fighting game. I have taken on the the side of the Bosch, bringing the mighty BF 109 to battle. One game under the belt and really enjoying the gameplay and the theme.
Games workshop have been making a come back around the club and I decided to get into Necromunda. I have Orlocks from the previous incarnation and Goliaths from the starter box. The thing that really should me is the terrain - so check out the fabulous TT Combat Industrial terrain so far.
Next is my Space Wolves 40k army - a mix of second hand and new purchases. I had a lot of fun painting this up - not so much fun playing them as everyone else I play has their Codex and all their special bits - but I am sure GW will be true to their Codex creep selves and within a month or so I will have all the toys at my disposal.
Team Yankee 15mm has hooked me in aswell - Marines SEMPER FI! Finding F4 phantoms for air support and Blackhawks for transports has made this project lots of fun - and a great game to boot!
Batman - love the penguin and when I found this model I had to have it and paint it. Yet to play a game but really enjoyed the painting project.
To top it all off here is a selection of other figures I have been adding to the collection - some for Dead Man's Hand, Walking Dead and some for the coolness of the figures.
Last of all I picked up some Zulu's - at some stage we'll find a use for these.
Well that's enough for now - lots more on the painting table to do...


  1. Looking great there Tom - you have been busy ! What is Blood red skies like to play ? also , if you wanted to put your Zulus to good use you should play Congo - great little game Andy and myself play now and again - we should get together one club day perhaps and show you the game)

  2. Be great to see you down the club - definitely interested in Congo.