Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Massive Loss to The Regiment

Well F*@K...

The Regiment has lost a key part of it over the last weekend. Nick was one of my best friends who I have known since 1996 when he took part in a Blood Bowl competition in a game store in Dunedin (it is so long ago I have forgotten its name). Even then he showed a great knack for understanding rules, and beating me at said games.

Looking back over it this week the amount of help and support he gave me over the years has frankly boggled my mind. He was always there to help no matter what the problem. A couch to sleep on when I moved to Wellington or finding me a job back at Dickies when I realised that Call Centre work was not for me, were but two examples of that help.

I will miss the crazy chats about our yearly Palmerston North invasion for Panzershreck and the frankly silly lists we might take for it.... the Hungarian and Romanian combo is still my fave.

But more than that I will miss my friend....

Wherever you are now Nick, know that you have left a mark on me, and those you met, for the better.

Tim Ward (Prinny)

I have not put my sense of loss well into words, but these two links do a great job at summing up the man:



Playing a game at PShreck 2013, Nick trying to keep me on point.... again. 


  1. What a shock and tragedy. I didn't know Nick terribly well, and I don't think I ever played a game with him, but I had a great deal of respect for the man. A consummate gamer and gentleman. Farewell.

  2. Nice words Tim. I didn't really know Nick that well, but like Robert I had lot of respect for him. In the world of big boys and little toys, where things can sometimes get taken far too seriously, I never heard a bad word about him. He gave a lot to those around him, and you always knew he had a cunning plan on the go, even if it was crazy and unexpected! My thoughts are with you all.