Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Regiment - Terrain day

Sunday saw Pelarel, Scotty, Tank Engine, Lintman, McBeth and two junior McBeths gather at Pelarel's abode for a day of terrain making. The idea was that we would be designing the table for our big 2016 American War of Independence game.

We got stuck in pretty much straight away. Pelarel cut up about 15 feet of 3mm MDF that was one inch wide while the rest got together a metric crapload of matchsticks. The fences, as seen in the pics below, are intended to represent the split rail snake fencing common in American during the 18th and 19th centuries. The junior McBeths were tasked with making some terrain for our new magpieism, Frostgrave. After a trip to Spotlight, they set to work on their plans.
Blurry Scotty and Tank Engine prepping the work area

Junior McBeth no.2 working on his Frostgrave mausoleum
Chris and Tom drew us up a scale map of the Brandywine battlefield so we at least knew what we were trying to achieve. Its a colourful map and very handy. We now realise that we still have a heap of roads and fences to make!


Many, many fences


Brandywine. So says the Regiment.
 We got quite a bit done. Junior McBeth no.1 managed to paint up some walls Tom had found in his bits box that will be great for scatter terrain on a Frostgrave table. Junior no.2 also worked on this brilliant statute for our Frostgrave table:

Talk to it. Yes, the hand.

This stands about 12 inches high

More of a wave than a well known Germanic salute.

Along with the fences, we made some scatter terrain for the woods, some roads (but need another 20 feet or so!) and started on some nice 4Ground MDF buildings.

Fences in progress. Photo by Junior McBeth no.1 who has obviously inherited his father's magnificent photo taking skills. 

McBeth, Scotty and Lintman still making fences.

Trees! Baby Jesus!

Repurposed roads from Pelarels' collection. We will need several feet more of these to get the map looking right.

Junior McBeth no.1's walls.
And finally some 28mm AWI British Grenadiers!

Go and listen the music piece "The British Grenadier". I've had that stuck in my head for the past six months.
When it happens to you, I can only say "you're welcome".


  1. Looks like a great effort... A real shame I missed it :-(

    1. Don't worry Tim, there will be more of these days in our near future I think. Still got to paint the ones we made yesterday and then make some more!

  2. Many, many fences - and a big hill to climb :)

    1. To mercilessly rip off the great Jimmy Cliff; "there are many fences to build and hill to climb.."

  3. Love that hand statue, can't wait to see it on a Frostgrave table!