Friday, 31 July 2015

We apologise for the interruption to your regularly scheduled programme....

McBeth called it despairing futility but I reckon while you have a mad team mate who's prepared to use coconut shells and make horse noises to get a laugh out of a hall full of people then it might be futile but it's bloody hilarious.

And from that tenuous segue, we launch into the post proper. For once my army was painted for Panzerschreck well in advance. Like, crazily well in advance. As a result, I've struggled to pick up a brush after the painting-fu left me in early June. Since then, I've managed to get this guy done:

Anson Durst, Biscuit of the Faith, Wielder of Menoth's Cocktail Umbrella

which is good. It was nice to get something finished. Anson Durst, Rock of the Faith (affectionately known as the Biscuit) got finished for our club "Reckoning" Warmachine and Hordes release event last weekend (and he's good!) Getting him over the line (no easy task, I admit) at least helped me find some painting-fu again so I've lined up this next lot of projects.

I'm finally starting on my Teutonic Order. These 8 models are the first base of 5/1 FP Long Spear. Note very long spear for future affixation of enormous flaggery.

One of the many uses for old milk bottle tops! 

From here I need to get back to the incredibly painful job of gap filling horses for these guys so I can try my hand at a base of Knights. *cue impending music*

The next project is this little collection is some several-generations-old GW Warhammer Savage Orcs and Forest Goblins. I bought them originally to play Mordheim back in the day but the balance wasn't there with many of the core rulebook warbands so they never really got finished. With the recent release of Frostgrave, these guys look like they might just be able to slot in amongst all the humans that seem to be abounding in among the collections of my fellow magpies.

Some Orcs. There are many more! 

Finally, Pelarel showed off his character, Nevyn the Nyss, for our current IKRPG campaign (and a stunning model it is!) so I thought I'd drop mine into the mix:

I have a man for that. 
The Honourable Okeforde Fitz Paine, 3rd son of the Marquess of Llaedry. All around wastrel, terrible influence and absolute snob. Also a closet Thamarite who scoffs loudly at, well, everything. The party members don't seem to have minded his occasional vampirism....yet....but they are getting sick of hearing that he doesn't do anything to help out because he has a man for that.

It's good to be back.


  1. Very nice McZ - painting mojo is certainly back :)

  2. looking great there Mr M! will be good to see the Deviant Aristo back on the table on wednesday :)