Monday, 25 April 2016

McBeth's April update

Well, its been a while since I've posted. its not due to any painter's funk, in fact I've been pretty successful at painting figures over the last couple of weeks since the big Brandywine game.

While I'm happy NOT to be painting AWI British at the moment, I have been very happy with the new magpieism, Bolt Action! I have been painting some of the impressive Italeri 28mm British infantry for my growing Bolt Action force.

 Below are some pics of the figures so far. Normally I dont like posting half completed projects, but I feel that I need a little push to make me complete these as there are other projects I'm keen to start / finish / fantasise about!

The force is a platoon from the 'Forty Twa', The Black Watch from their time in the 51st Highland Division, France 1944-45. I've add in some of the metal Warlord Games heads with Tam O'Shanter hats. So far, the lieutenant, the sniper team, PIAT team and one section have been painted and half based. Another section is made up and undercoated black and is next on the painting bench once I finish the second project below.

My Lieutenant, He will be accompanied by a batman and a radio operator. The figure is made from the upper torso of a Italeri British kneeling figure and the lower half of a Victrix Napoleonic Highlander. 

PIAT team. I expect great things from this pair!

Sniper team. Watch out enemy officers...

Nothing to see here. No, this not a Churchill VII. But it is.
Next up, Commando support for the Scots.
Continuing with his great service, Laser Cut Rob came through with these for me. The one on the left will be my mortar team's base with space to add and remove figures for casualties. The one on the right shows the component pieces, a 70mm round 3mm MDF base with three 26mm holes cut into it, and a 1mm thick 70mm round black acrylic base that gets glued on the bottom.
Project 2: Flames of War. Yep, back into painting some 15mm WW2 from Battlefront. Its actually a bit of a chore to go back to this scale, but as it will a) finish off a long standing project and b) get an army ready for Panzershreck in July, I'll soldier on and get it done.

Pelarel and I are teaming up again this year. One will use my NZ Divisional Cavalry, the other these Free French Foreign Legion.

Legionnaire sappers! 


  1. I know a game those 28mm commandos could work in :)

  2. Good to see the 51st coming along... I have a desire to build the 50th (Tyne Tees) my ol' stomping ground in the UK...