Sunday, 10 April 2016

Pooch's Painting- March Part One!

Goodness, three months, it is a whole quarter of the year gone!

I am cranking through the painting, managing to finish a number of big (ish) projects this month.

First, something small. Two units of AWI British Light Infantry for our big Blackpowder game over Easter. The Light Infantry performed in my usual style, being over aggressive and consequently being wiped out. So... that was fun!

Look at us all in a nice line

Next up, we have my Aleph force for Infinity. Prinny will attest that I bought these off him last year, or maybe the year before- regardless I got them through the magpie grapevine!

The Infinity Aleph models have a very cartoonish-anime style, alongside some very Greek names. My inspiration for the robots in the army came directly from the movie Chappie, (blue and orange). Once I had them sorted, I was a touch stuck on what to do with the human models. The anime style heads just weren't doing it for me, so I set off on a magical journey across the internet to find some I liked. Anvil Industries provided me with some awesome looking futuristic helmeted heads, which I then applied the tried and true NASA spacesuit colour scheme too!

And the results? Turns out I quite like painting orange....

The whole Aleph force as it currently stands

Achilles- I went with a dark "black-ops" style for him

Nagas, showing off the orange


I managed to paint something from the cupboard of sad and unloved model kits. This time, it is a patrol of Irish (converted Radio Dish Dash ANZACs) and their UN landrover, replete in it's dazzling white paint scheme.

jeez- how neat is that lettering?

Not as neat as the other side....
On to Page 2.... for Bolt Action and Impetus!


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