Sunday, 10 April 2016

Pooch's Painting- March Part Two!

Part One can be found here...

So where Part One ended was with my Infinity Aleph, some UN Irish and some AWI done.


Next we have more Bolt Action! This time, it is my Germans. A whole load of German Grenadiers from Black Tree Miniatures, supported by tanks, halftracks and even artillery.

Why so many halftracks? Well, firstly, they are cool. Secondly, the Rubicon miniatures halftrack is a lovely kit, and thirdly, turns out I can have a Panzergrenadier Platoon for a 1000 point Bolt Action list!

All the infantry!

Radio-man (Black Tree Miniatures)

105mm Artillery (Warlord Games)

The armoured force (Warlord and Rubicon)

Panzer III L. I just love this tank (Warlord Games)

Tiger crew (Warlord Games)

Hetzers gonna hetz.... (Rubicon models)

Halftracks! (Rubicon Models)

Close up of the Stuka zu Fuss (Rubicon Models)
But wait, there is MORE!

I finished my Impetus Norman Army. Yes, you read that right.


I am as shocked as you are, I promise. The army is made up from two boxes of Conquest Games Norman Knights, and two boxes of Conquest Games Norman Infantry. Plus a whole lot of spare bits like crossbows, bows and javelins to make the various supporting troop choices. I must say, I do love converting plastic miniatures, it is probably the thing I miss most from no longer playing GW games...

The whole army, in it's carrying tub

Close up of some horsemen from my game at the weekend

Close up of some of the foot from the game at the weekend

The only metal figure in the army, a dog!

I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! (Conversion by me for the tower, figures from Studio Miniatures)
Right. So there you have it, I think you will agree that I managed to finish a whole lot of stuff this month! I am progressing pretty damn well against the goals I set myself at the start of the year, I have a few things on the slow grow, and I am mixing in a few shorter projects too. I am loving my current "actually finish stuff" approach- I hope it lasts!



  1. Awesome stuff Pooch, those Normans are cool. Can you get all of the halftracks in that 1000 point list?

    1. Yep- a Regular Panzergrenadier platoon, plus the Stuka zu Fuss halftrack works out to roughly 1000 points!

  2. Where the heck do you find the time to paint all this stuff! In the same month I managed eight 28mm figures :(

    1. I paint a lot in the morning before the rest of the house gets up, and while James is asleep on the weekends I paint and Rachel sews, it is a good system!

  3. PS They look awesome too!

  4. Looking good Poochie. You just need to add a 251/7 bridging half track to the collection. Pity half tracks are pants in BA. We've tried and tried to make them work but the points you pay for them are a bit out of whack- so good luck! Played Tanks Wars last night. I think FoW is better for lots of tanks but still 28mm tanks are cool! Looks like I'm adding more to my collection :(

    1. I am really waiting for the next set of upgrade packs from Rubicon- a Stummel, a mortar halftrack, and you are right- an engineer halftrack would be good too!

  5. The Warlord 251/7 is a really nice model, and comes with the 2.8cm panzerbushe. I'm not so keen on their 251 stummel though. I like the mechanised theme!

  6. Nice looking BA Germans - I am as yet unsure of the halftracks... only being able to fire with passengers... might be interesting to see if they tweak that in the v2 rules in Sept...