Saturday, 20 October 2018

MASSTER and Commander

Super super short post this week since I've not had anywhere near as much painting time as I'd wanted to this week. But, that said, I've got a couple of test vehicles done for my TY Marines. It took a bit of doing to get this to look like the first MASSTER test M60 but I think I've got the hang of it now.  

Vroom vroom! 
Pooch pointed out to me that all these vehicles should have identical camo as there would have been a vehicle specific pattern and he's quite right. But this is a made up war with a camo pattern that never made it into production so I'm going with random blobbery!

So, roadmap? Four Humvee Stingers next, and then onto the LAV horde. It's 8 weeks until Remember December and I have 20 LAVs to paint. I'd like to not go insane painting blob camo so I reckon that I can manage four LAVs per week for five of those eight weeks. I'm pretty sure that no one needs me to be posting 4 more LAVs on this blog every week for that eight weeks either so I've still going to have to break up that monotony with some other things but I don't know what that is yet...

Next week:
Humvee Stingers. And I'm going to try and get the first couple of LAVs camo base coats on to get a sense of how much of a grind it's going to be.

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