Saturday, 3 November 2018

Crappy weather means MOAR PAINTING

It's a tough followup from McB's awesome report of his games at FlamesCon.  It definitely made me want to go next year, particularly as I saw on TCOW's report that they had a prize for Most Mediocre! I'm nothing if not mediocre at gaming in general!

Anyway, progress report on the Remember December army. 

For our international readers, such as they are, NZ band Crowded House wrote a great song called Four Seasons in One Day. It's often how people describe this city in springtime. So with the rain pouring down outside and the wind gusting to a breezy 110 km/h outside the house, I painted and caught up on some TV.

On Tuesday night, I'd done the base blob camo on 4 LAVs. By close of play yesterday I'd managed this:

And this!

And to top it all off, I got a whole swag of base blobs down on the 10 remaining vehicles of the LAV formation. Feeling a little bit smug about my productivity for a change and am not at all concerned about getting it all done for Remember December now, which is nice. No slacking off though since I need to make time to get the rest of my M60s painted for Tank to borrow and hopefully get all the decals on as well so I don't mix up LAV units. I need to get another highlight on the Marines as well as they've come out a bit dark for my liking.

I wasn't planning on posting this but a chat with Pooch about just how ugly MASSTER is, led me to this picture. Here's the entire force that I've painted in MASSTER thus far and I'll be damned if it's not one of the ugliest patterns I have ever seen but I kind of love it and it is coming up a treat.

Much camo. So Orange. Very ugh. 
I've also got to work on the conversion of the Crucible Guard Trancer into a daemonhost, specifically Cherubael, to run with my Eisenhorn (who has been screaming to be painted.) I've still got to add some more greenstuff to the back of the blindfold for the knot and add in at least one Inquisition emblem (thanks Pooch for the idea!) but that'll get done once this lot of greenstuff cures.

If you read my post on my Grey Knights, you'll understand how vexing list building in 40K is right now but this particular model is the one that I have needed to complete an Ordo Xenos detachment that will lead my first Inquisition task force which I'll hopefully play at a 40K comp some time next year (assuming there isn't an Inquisition codex by then). The list is some weird mix of Rogue Traders, Inquisition and Deathwatch. I suspect it'll be utterly awful, which is why I'm running it.

Next time: 
Dang. No idea. It's club day coming up so probably a batrep of some sort. That's a bit lazy right? Okay. Something from my Inquisition pile. No idea what but something. I'll get bored with orange blobs sooner or later.

I'm planning on some practice TY before Remember December before the end of the month so I'll get the whole formation out for a run and take some piccies then once it's all painted.

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