Thursday, 22 November 2018

Dracula's America; The South will rise again!

In between painting jobs, Mr Pooch and I got together to play a quick game of Dracula's America. This is a very fun game with plenty of great elements. I really enjoy the 'success' model of resolving things (much like ShadowRun RPG) and I really enjoy the supernatural twist on the campaign setting. We are all informally running a campaign so it was time that my Dark Confederacy (Zombie Rebs!) led by that dastardly Man in White took on Pooch's Cursed 7th Cavalry (Werewolf US Cavalry?).

The game was dominated by one simple thing. I was rolling d6s. This, of course, meant that any time I had to roll a die, it was going to be a 6. this is a simple rule of fact.

A short picture report follows:

The fine town of Whisper Creek. Mr Pooch has done a fantastic job putting this together.

The 13th Alabama. Led by that mysterious and dangerous Man in White.

Werewolves! 7th Cav! Will they meet their Little Big Horn in Whisper Creek?

Initial set up for Dark Confederacy with Billy on the roof with his trusty 1855 Enfield.

The peaceful inhabitants of Whisper Creek. Why is it peaceful? Oh yes, its because they all worship C'thulu.

In a mission to grab the loot, the 7th Cav found the sack in the very first building they searched, proving even Mr Pooch can roll a 6 on occaision.

The wall o' dead rebs with two still alive compatriots (and a meat shield civilian) suddenly encounter a ball of muscle and fur and teeth that was once a US cavalryman.

Rolling his five attack dice, Pooch rolled 2 successes. The only way the poor zombie could defeat that was if I rolled more 5+. So I did. More than once. In several combats.

The end. Wave after wave of Confederate (dead and alive) swarm through Whisper Creek after picking off both Werewolves and the rest of the cavalry. Here the summoned Vengeful Shade (maybe Stonewall Jackson himself) floats past the Troop leader to plug him in the back.

Pooch was so angry he threw my models on the floor and broke this one (not true).

Love Dracula's America!

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