Saturday, 5 January 2019

Happy New Year

I mostly spent the holiday break doing assembly and priming. I've got my first Guard squad together, prepped some other new bits for the Guard company and got a bunch of random stuff assembled (including a couple of Battlefront's Cobra kits and man oh man did they cause some bad language.)

I haven't picked up a brush in more than a month so thought I'd ease myself back into the painting with a couple of simple little scatter terrain projects for my 15mm Russian table. I dug up some old draught horses and generic horses as well as some old Opel Blitz trucks, which I figure were probably loitering around in Russia during and after the war.

Hello Wilburrrrrrr....
The horses are just decorative, just something to add a bit of fun to the table. One of these days I'll manage to find some 1:100 scale farm equipment too. One of these days.

Meep meep, I'm a jeep! 
The trucks? Also decorative, but they'll add a bit of concealment in places too. Somewhere to start the farm equipment I guess. They're nothing pretty or all that well painted, but robust enough for terraining I hope!

After a swathe of brown and green, I decided to paint something a bit more fun since I was in the mood.
Black Canary
This is a variation on the box scheme, but I haven't quite managed all the fine details. I'm competent with a brush but sometimes I think not patient enough for some of the detail on Knight's models. But she's been added to the crew so that I can run the Birds of Prey crew for Batman as well - the idea of having Canary, Hawkgirl and Huntress on the park should be a bit of a chuckle.

Finally, ANOTHER Inquisitor:
Cacaw! Birdy!
I've always loved the model for Torquemada (!) Coteaz. And I had to Bald Eagle the psyber-eagle because why not? So he's the first (okay, that's not entirely true) towards the Ordo Malleus list I want to put on the table later this year.

Next time

Some more terrain I think. I'll get the containers and crates from the KT Scions box done because they're taking up HEAPS of room in the progress pile and I've already started on them and once those are done, I think a couple more Inquisitorial acolytes will hit the painting table. Our first club meeting of 2019 is coming up too so there might be some good piccies from there too.

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