Saturday, 19 January 2019

Oddities and soddities

BMG Objectives
We've never really played a full blown serious game of Batman yet - we don't play enough to have really got a handle on the game rules, let alone all the necessary mission bits. So picking up some objectives for the game seemed like a good purchase to get this bit into our games. 
Stuff and Things!
Each of the objectives does stuff and some of it is quite cool. Drugs, weapons or VPs are all in the offing and there does seem to be an art to picking the correct objectives for your crew.

And something unexpected...
GW released Adeptus Titanicus last year and, well, the excitement of the whole things was tempered by the fact that it wasn't classic Epic scale, it was Horus Heresy, it was not going to expanded into proper Epic and the price point, at least in NZ,

So given that GW have released the rules separately, this has meant that we have dug out some classic Epic stuff to play AT with because it's all a consistent scale and we have it already. We're going to play it out of period so I've done up some classic Slaaneshi knights and Scout titans to start with:
Hell Striders
These will just play as normal Imperial Knights (as far as the AT rules are concerned) with a Gatling Blaster, Meltagun and close combat weapon. And then the Scout Titans (who are so wee compared to the Imperial Warhound:
Scout Titans - Quaestor (L) and Subjugator (R)
They'll both proxy as Warhounds and I have another two that I could roll out as well.

It was fun to paint in blue and pink again. It's nice working in unexpected colours. Pooch and I have planned a game in February so I'll report that one here because it does seem like it'll be fun.

Next time? 
I'll probably talk a bit about how my Italian armour does at our local club comp in a week's time but since I don't have to paint anything for that, I should do something else from the task tray. I do need to paint Eisenhorn for an upcoming game of 40K. Probably time to get that done eh?

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