Monday, 31 December 2018

Badger, badger, badger......ok this is not a guilt post - just my turn :)

So this is my first attempt at doing a goals post. This is a bit scary as the rest of the Regiment will bare witness I am the worst magpie, possibly in the universe. So setting goals that will inevitably be distracted from by new shinies is.....well lets say ambitious. So lets do a summary. 2018 saw me take up 40k after nearly 30 years of resistance and within a year I have a Tyranid army AND a Space Wolves army. I also picked up Kill Team - of course I can field 'Nids and Spez Wolves (and Tau BTW because I had bought and painted them for Armaggedon) but no, I magpies into Necrons...and so you may see the issue.
Team Yankee is next. Thanks to Richard and Pooch my enthusiasm for 6mm Team Yankee wained and with Stripes bringing the USM into the game I launched into the world of 15mm Team Yankee. Remember December was great fun and I am looking forward to Nationals next year - where the Marines may get an upgrade.
Blood Red Skies was the next new thing for dogfights in WWII - really enjoy the game but I am not sure the uptake in the group will allow too many more games. However my plan is to take this one to work - I reckon the kids will love it. Right - what could possibly be next - BATMAN! Knights Models have a fantastic range of figures and I went all in on my favourite Batman villain The Penguin, I have loved the painting project on this one.
So as 2018 continued what could possibly be next - well I bought into Necromunda. I made up the Goliath gang from the core box, picked up a couple of extra Orlocks for a gang I had from the previous version and of course I needed to create a table of terrain to play on. All for a game I haven't played anyone at yet :(.
Next is DRACAM - or Dracula's America. This one scratches the Old West and the Fantasy itch. A terrific game and one I am looking forward to playing more of. We had a campaign day recently and I am keen to see my Skinwalkers progress even more.
In the previous photo you would see another side project - Walking Dead - All out War. I have also picked up a few bits and pieces on the way as painting or modelling projects - here are some Zulu that I am sure one day I will use for something....
These are just the new games and figures I collected this year. FoW V4 is still in the mix as is a newly discovered enjoyment of Warmachine thanks to Scott and McZermof. So as for 2019, well the Xmas period saw a new game enter the Tank Engine realm - Cruel Seas. MTBs screaming around the high seas shooting eachother up - who could resist. So this is my main focus for the early months of 2019. A few other members of the Regiment have been dragged along kicking and creaming (or should that be screaming????). My big goal for the year is to consolidate. Finish my TY US Army list for Nationals and possibly Panzerschrek. Finish the painting pile (yeah right) and start playing Necromunda!! And here's the biggy - NO NEW GAMES IN 2019, unless GW re-release BFG or we find a new........


  1. "2018 saw me take up 40k after nearly 30 years of resistance and within a year I have a Tyranid army AND a Space Wolves army." I hear ya brother! McZermof you have a lot to be accountable for ;)