Saturday, 29 December 2018

What's on the calendar for 2019?

Following hot on the heels of Pooch, here's my plans for 2019 as I stick to 2018s posting schedule for the last time. I'll clearly have to badger the rest of the crew a bit more as well.

Games to play:
Some more 40K: I really like 8th and I want to play it more. I've found a level of silly that I'm comfortable with and the new missions in 2018 CA look fricking cool. And it would be good to get some Kill Team out again too - probably playing a campaign day with the nerds should get on the cards.

Oh, and I assembled this yesterday as part of my holiday WIPs:
Clank clank, I'm a tank! 
TY and FoW: I'm enjoying both and interested to look at some LW lists for FoW. I'd love to break out my beloved (and terrible) 653 Schwerepanzerjager Abteilung but that's going to be a wee wait for a new list. So it will be interesting to see what turns up in the new books. I found all my old beach landing fortifications recently, so those lists might be worth digging out too.

DracAm: Still loving this. It's a great game, lots of fun and is all sorts of silly. Plus it doesn't require painting anything!

Batman: I have all the bits I need now to play and enjoy Batman. And I think I understand how to use Batman effectively in a crew. I think. Whether I can do it or not is a different question. Green Arrow is still something of a mystery.

Games to try:
Kings of War. I have a Teutonic Order army for Impetus that is just plain awful but it would drop into the 'Brotherhood' list for KoW as faux-Bretonnians. Pelarel has recently acquired a fair whack of Mantic Undead so we could have a jolly good match there I think.

Kings of War: Vanguard. As an alternative use for the three Frostgrave warbands I have. It looks like a really interesting game and warrants at least a round or two. Speaking of which, I'd like to go back and play some Frostgrave too. Pel has suggested a couple of really simple amendments that would dial back the amount of insta-death that happens with the odd bad roll.

Cruel Seas. I got a bit ranty when Warlord didn't put Italians into Blood Red Skies but they have redeemed themselves with the Italian fleet in Cruel Seas. Oh, so sexy. And the game doesn't look bad either.

Adeptus Titanicus. Having dug out some old titans and knights, it seems like it'll be worth a go. Should be good for a laugh if nothing else.


  • Rogue Trader Kill Team
  • Inquisitors
  • Imperial Guard company for my Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus Inquisition armies
  • Terrain

Team Yankee:
  • More Marines
  • M60s and Humvees
  • Some CH-46s if I can find some for the second Marine platoon to ride in. If anyone knows where I can get some 1:100 scale CH-46s, let me know! 

  • Black Canary and Objectives for Batman
  • A bit of terrain for my 15mm FoW / TY board
  • A Magister Link for Infinity
  • Repainting a bunch of my Malifaux Arcanists for DracAm 
  • Some random Elves for expanding my Elven warband for Frostgrave / KoW Vanguard

I'm going to try my level best to keep this up. I think I've managed around two dozen posts over the last six months, so 52 shouldn't be too hard. He says, ambitiously.

Next time
Some painted models! Something new and interesting. Promise.

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