Saturday, 1 December 2018


I have no idea of what the noun is for something more oo-rah-y than a regular oo-rah.

But I think it's hard to argue that the AAPV7 is worth an oo-rah! They are so big, ugly and daft that they're amazing. And now I can 40-Mike-Mike some things. As transport units in Flames of War / TY go, they're certainly excellent and I will be using them to transport a Marine platoon through a river at some point during Remember December.

With all that said, I hate the kit. I’ve done a lot of building of Battlefront resin & pewter vehicles over the years and I've come to accept that there's a certain amount of work that needs to be done to get tracks to fit properly. Both of these casts were miscast enough that the back panels aren't square to the rest of the vehicle and no amount of finangling, without taking a Dremel (which I don't own) to the front of the track housing, would have made them fit properly.

So while I am pretty sure I'm going to be getting another Marine Rifle platoon to make this up to a legal army, I'm going to be getting some helicopters for them to travel in. CH-46 perhaps?

I've also finished painting Ordo Hereticus stalwart Katerina Greyfax:

40,000 years in the future, crossbow!
This is a great model and she's been sitting on the to-do bench for AGES. I've also got a small platoon of Scions who will be her escort (and maybe, one day, part of an Imperial Guard Kill Team) which will probably hit the painting table soon.

Next time: 
I'll definitely be blogging how the LAV company goes at Remember December and I'm umming and ahhing about what moves to the painting table next. I've got a tiny bit of sculpting to do to finish my Cherubael so it might just be Eisenhorn...

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