Saturday, 22 December 2018

Some reflections

And a couple of little things off the workbench:

These two are Lesser Entities for Dracula's America. On the left, the generic Lesser Entity and on the right, a Hellhound, the custom summon for the Crossroads Cult. The only difference is that the Hellhound is A LOT faster than anything else, otherwise they're both D6 Grit summons. The generic entity is an old Malifaux Neverborn and I think the hound is the old Mordheim War Dog. These additions were gratefully received from the collection of our own Tank.

Most importantly, these two will mean that when I'm playing DracAm and summoning greeblies, I am summoning easily identifiable greeblies! I still have a D8 grit generic Medium Entity to paint.

Some reflections on getting back into this
I've enjoyed getting back into blogging about random gamer nonsense. I enjoy reading other people's gamer nonsense so it's as much about being part of that community as anything else. It's been a good motivator, especially when it comes to Sunday morning and I realise that I've got nothing interesting to blog about and I need to paint something to have something to post! My collection of half finished models has been greatly reduced as a result of this. I am now, vexingly, staring at a pile of mostly unprimed, half assembled stuff.

However, I have realised that it won't make me do things I don't want to do. Eisenhorn is still unfinished (coming as no surprise to any of you.) And it doesn't help me get large projects done unless I can break it into blog sized pieces. Events and competitions are still going to be the main motivator in that regard.

Next time
Some WIP shots of my holiday programme (with hopefully a couple of finished products in there, although lets see how that goes eh?) After that, a bit of a think about what 2019 holds for me gaming and painting wise. Maybe, just maybe, that'll encourage some of the other nerds to get back to writing about their own nonsense.

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