Saturday, 15 December 2018

I didn't finish a thing so workbench post...

Just a short update this week - with Christmas around the corner and the necessary shenanigans that come with it, I've not been so inclined to pick up a brush. So instead I've been prepping a few of the good finds I've picked up off TradeMe and things I've been wanting to do in the last few weeks.

I dug this old Necromunda Bounty Hunter out of my bits box and decided that he'll make an excellent addition to an Inquisitorial retinue. It has some of the charm of GW models of that era - the legs akimbo, carrying more weapons than you can use an staring straight ahead. But I'm oddly fond of it and a dude in a duster is always a good look.

Because named Inquisitors seem to be something that I find quite desirable to have in the collection, I picked up Coteaz. It wasn't a complete model, but the seller on TradeMe graciously included two different thunder hammers to replace the one the model would normally come with. The next 40K event I play at (some time next year) will be the stupid Malleus army with some Grey Knights, Ordo Malleus Inquistors (Greyfax AND Coteaz) and some Guardsmen. Should be fun.

These came from the Kill Team Astra Militarum box (hence the weapon loadout) - this is still something I intend to put on the table at some point when I've painted enough Guardsmen for it - but they also will act as a retinue for Inquisitor Greyfax. They were a blast to assemble and I'm looking forward to putting them on the table.

Finally, I've managed to add a third Assassin to my roster for 40K which means that I *can* put the stupid assassin detachment on the board if I want to. And I might. But this alt-pose original Vindicare (that came still in it's 15+ year old blister!) is a model I've been looking for to hang out with the Callidus and Eversor I already have. Now just a Culexus to go...

And then, the pinnacle of all my stupid - Fyodor Karamazov. Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor and owner of the most impressive armchair in the 41st millennium. This big boy turned up on TradeMe and I could hardly say no. It's so mad as to be necessary in my stupid collection of stupid. It wasn't the easiest thing to assemble without instructions but much referring to the internet later and boom!

'Where does all this silliness lead?' I hear you ask. Well, I must answer, it leads to the most lunatic thing I can do. The Spanish Inquisition. All my Inquisitors on the table at once. It'll be stupid.

Next time
We'll see how the last work week of the year goes shall we? I've started running the DnD 5e campaign "Princes of the Apocalypse" for the nerds and I'd like to put together some thoughts on 5e and Princes too so be warned, there'll be a nerd essay in your futures.

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