Saturday, 16 February 2019

Et Imperatoris!

The light wasn't great today for photos, so forgive the washed out pictures. There's only so much I was able to do with my limited photo editing skills! 

I've been working on some Guardsmen in advance of a wee shopping trip to our local dealer (of plastic crack in a few weeks) and I needed to clear up the space on the tray to make room for some more dudes. :)

I seem to be having a lot of luck picking up models I really want lately. The classic Cadian Colonel is one of those gems. He'll make a great leader. Death stare and all. 

I'm trying to treat my Guard squads a bit more like real squads - none of this 10 dudes with rifles and umpteen mortars hiding at the back of the board. No no. We cannot be having with that. So the first squad are my anti-tank squad, with a meltagun and a lascannon.

Assault Section

Support Section

This is the first of three squads and a command squad that will form the backbone of Manipulus Greyfax supported by a bunch of hilarious choices.


The original Ratling Snipers were some of the finest models in the original metal guard range but these newer sculpts are AMAZING. They've got sweet scenic bases and loads of character. I enjoyed painting them and they'll be a wee chuckle to put on the table when Manipulus Greyfax starts hunting heretics. They'll be part of the fire support part of the army.

Next time
Terrain. I've got the bits from an Aquila Lander from the old Battle for Macragge set to add to my 40K / KillTeam terrain box and that's been on the books for a while and I'm hacking away at a couple of other projects that might come up in a week or so too.

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