Saturday, 2 February 2019

Return of the MASSTER

Oddly, I don't have a legal TY army at the moment - at least if I need an army of any more than about 50 points. To get to bigger points than that, I've been pondering whether or not I should get a second Marine platoon or a second M60 platoon. 

First place to start? Finishing my first platoon of M60s that I started last......July. Man, that makes me grumpy at myself. 

I think painting these has made me want to get some more M60s. They look super cool in MASSTER camo and honestly, I think I'll prefer that to painting another dozen stands of infantry.

Next Time
Well, I have some Cobras to paint for an upcoming competition and I've been hunting for an interesting camo scheme for them. I think I've found a cool Marine one that'll be a bit different and will sit nicely alongside the MASSTER. I've also got a couple of Sergeant Yorks and some extra HMMWVs that need doing too so it'll probably be those.

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