Sunday, 31 March 2019

Pooch's March Update

Ok, how is it April already? Ah well, at least I painted something!

1. Paint a new 40k Army- Ongoing!

The mighty Krieg painting machine rumbles ever onwards! Continuing my theme of creating what is probably the worst possible Astra Militatium (it's Imperial Guard, who are you kidding) army, I have been painting elites choices. How many elites? well... I now have 8 different elites choices....

This Month's Krieg

Let's start with the big boy. Ambull, representing an Ogryn Bodyguard

Yep, that's right. I painted both sides.

Commissar Severina Raine, who will be a Lord Commissar. She should have a gas mask, but doesn't for two very good reasons. The first is that I didn't want to mess up the model. The second is that it is a really expensive model and I didn't want to mess it up.

First command Squad. Medic, Lascannon and Banner. The medic is from the Rogue Trader Kill Team, just with a headswap to make her look super, super creepy. Incidentally, that is SO my 40k RPG character.

Another Elites choice, this time it's a Priest! From the Blackstone Fortress box, this priest comes bearing a flaming chainsaw. Because heretics don't purge or dismember themselves you know. Well, sometimes they do, but that's usually to summon a daemon. So it doesn't count.

But wait, another command squad! This one has a Medic, Missile Launcher and a Banner! Medic is a conversion, as is the Missile Launcher.

Another view of the Missile Launcher. The weapon itself comes from a Sentinel, the mount is an MG42 mount from Rubicon models. Added together you get a spindly looking missile rack, which looks about as fragile as the toughness 3 guardsmen with it.

And lastly, a six man special weapon team. Two flamers, one demolition charge. We are trench fighters remember! Demo charge is the tube used to carry mortar bombs, coupled with an awesomely posed Guardsman.

2. Create a table of terrain to support a game- DONE!

Bit of a preview into one of the later ones too, but I managed to finish up a table of terrain for me to play games of Cruel Seas on! The islands are the vac-form ones from Amera, with some shoals made from laminate. I went with a pretty quick and easy paint scheme using spray cans, followed by Army Painter soft tone. Then a coat of dullcoat (although it looks like they need another coat too) and you have a winner!

The whole table

Bit of a closer up view

Corsairs swooping in low

3. Make a modular terrain piece- No progress. 
No plans, no hope. I'm sure inspiration will strike at some point....

4. Pain a naval fleet- DONE!
Hey hey! another one done. As you saw earlier, I have been painting things up for Cruel Seas, in this case a US fleet of PT boats, Sub Chasers and Corsairs. And of course a U-Boat for them to chase! They were suprisingly easy to paint, with the grey done entirely with spray cans (black, then soft coats of grey over the top to get the colour I wanted) with a bit of mixed success, but overall I am happy with them.

My US Fleet!

Technically I have completed two fleets, it's just that my German fleet is 2 U-Boats!

5. Finish something I haven't used in a year and take it to a tournament- No progress
But I have a plan. That's like progress right?

6. Buy a starter box and paint all of it- Done
Did this in February

7. Paint every miniature for a game I own- Done
Did this one in February too

8. Paint a Space Marine each month- On track!
Another month, another Space Marine. Not quite as happy with this one as I am with the others, I think I will make a point of spending a bit more time on the next one.

All three Bolter Boys

I am quite happy with how my skills with the chapter icon are!
9. Paint a stand alone force for a game- DONE!
This was one of our more random ideas, but we all had leftover Epic, and then I realised I could buy the Adeptus Titanicus rules as a stand alone and so.... my titan warband was born! A Warlord, a Reaver, two Warhounds and four Knights in all of their old school glory. I did some weapon swaps on the Knights to bring them a little bit more in line with the modern knights (not too much mind). The Reaver was just a torso and guns, until I realised I had an entire spare set of legs spare from the Ambot. Thus, stumpy the reaver was born!

The whole family, with battlefield assets in front of them

I love Stumpy. Somehow, he just works.

Overhead shot showing stripes, flames and the general silly colours they are painted in
10. Update and improve a table of terrain- No progress
Err... I have a plan... sortof...

11. Paint something Napoleonic- No progress
I bought some things. Does that count?

12. Finish what I should have finished last year- Done
Did this one in January and February. I only have one more thing which will go into this box, which reminds me that I really should do it....

Next time? I've got a model for a painting competition, and hoping to get some more armour for my Krieg. And I should really start painting some Krieg infantry too....

Till next time,

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  1. A very productive month Poochie. Love the cruel seas stuff and the 40k stuff looks good too.