Saturday, 6 April 2019

Meep meep, it's a jeep?

Not really a jeep, but an Imperial Guard Chimera. 

It's numbered 005 since it will be the ride for my Command Squad and their officers and support - the Ogryn bodyguard and Primaris Psyker. Also, I had to put the old-school hull stripes on. They just look cool.

Front on, showing off all the heavy bolters and the heavy stubber. Many ordinary rapid-fire weapons are the order of the day. 

It's been an interesting project. My attempts to make it a heavy flamer armed vehicle weren't all that successful (trying to munge the old Chimera kit with new Chimera kit parts) so I limited the changes I could make to a new hatch and heavy stubber, and making the turret heavy bolter plate fit the old turret. It's been fun though. I'm unlikely to do another one, so this has been a hoot.

It has made me more encouraged to crack on with the Leman Russ that's in the paint queue and it's got me thinking about Sentinel Squadrons becuase they look cool.

Next Time
I'll be working on the M60s for the next week so hopefully a full photo of my complete TY army for Nationals will be in the offing. I've got some HMMWVs and Sergeant Yorks to paint but once those are done, I suspect that'll be the TY army complete.

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