Sunday, 5 May 2019

Back to my Roots

Hi my name is Tank and I am a gaming Magpie. Looking across the shelves in my gaming room I lost count on the number of different rules systems, figures or models I own. One problem I face is that I am a hoarder, funny thing is thing most of the readers of this will recognise the hoarder in themselves as well. I started in this hobby by playing Warhammer Fantasy. My first army was Nurgle but then I found the joy that was Dwarves, ahh gyrocopters and slayers - wonderful memories. Then GW went crazy with the ruleset (getting rid of the card system for the magic) and even crazier with their pricing. To be fair I was also majorly distracted by other models and rules. However my passion for Fantasy based grand battles has always been an itch I wanted to scratch. So along came Kings Of War (KoW). I had a discussion at the club about KoW and being the magpie I am I bought the Ogres starter set and promptly buried it on a shelf somewhere in my gaming room.
Interest in KoW came back to the Regiment and I started putting the Ogres together. also found my fabulous GW Giant (Brotan Thunderpants) and I found some more units to add to the mix, so yes more magpieism in action.
I am really enjoying the modelling and painting - now how does the game roll. Well it's really good actually. I love the units mechanic and the modelling flexibility of not having to remove individual figures. The combat mechanic is deadly and efficient and makes sense game wise. The magic and ranged combat are pretty much rolled into one but work well. The two games I have played have been fun and fast.
So next project is to expand the choices I have for the army with some goblins and this little fella.
I really feel like I have returned to my roots - and I can't wait for my next game.

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