Saturday, 24 August 2019

Who is the King of War?

It's not been a particularly productive week this week. I ran out of primer and it's taken me until today to get more. Having said that, I arranged with bloggers McBeth and Scotty to get in a couple of games of Kings of War at our club day yesterday and so I checked out whether the stuff I had painted and ready for basing could make up a tolerable 1500 point army. The answer was....just.

So I took out everything I could on Tuesday and got to basing with basically every spare bit of time and at ~1930 on Friday night, chucked on the last lot of flock. I said last week I was happier with the dayglo green flock. Still happier.

Villein Plowshares with Knightly assistance. Still some transfers to do tho! 

Order of the Brotherhood Foot

Villein Initiates. Surprisingly Effective. 

Order of the Abyssal Hunt. Oh damn! 

I've just been into the basement to prime the missing seven knights and four foot I need to finish up the bases I have got and I'm currently waiting on the release of Warlord Games' treemen to find a sensible replacement for the Elementals in the army.

The games! 

Lined up before assaulting the undead hordes
Against McBeth, the army performed fairly well. I comfortably out-cavalried his cavalry and even the relatively ordinary Villein Initiates steamrolled his better infantry. A unit of skeletons vs the regiment of Order of the Abyssal Hunt was objectively unfair. About as unfair as Lady Ilona murderating a bunch of cheeky AF peasants who charged her! In the end it was looking like a game where the Brotherhood would roll all the Undead infantry (I was always going to struggle with the two Vampires) until in one turn McBeth threw a 10, an 11 and a 12 for nerve tests and I lost ALL my cavalry units in one go. Ouch. But it was a close match and a lot of fun. 

Against Scotty, we went at it hammer and tongs. I sent the Forsaken Knight and a unit of Villeins into his elite infantry and blew them off the board in one go (FLUKE!) The following turn, he did the same to all my Order of the Brotherhood foot. We basically rumbled around the middle of the board and punched each other repeatedly during which I rolled FOUR double-1s on Nerve Tests. In a row. AARRGGHH!! After four turns, I'd finally rolled up all of his VERY effective heavy infantry but there wasn't a lot of my dudes left either. Again, a close match and a lot of fun. Scotty had some really interesting army choices - his pikemen were super mean and he had a warbeast monster thing that was staggeringly effective. I'm going to need one of those. Soon. 

It has made me wonder about another army. So tempting right now. But I will finish this one first. 

Next Time
It's the anniversary of my restarting blogging regularly. The project I was hoping to do for it has arrived in country but I won't have it in hand till Wednesday and there's literally zero way it'll get done for Sunday photos. If I can get the assembly done though, I'll totally blog it. Anyway, next time will be a bit of reflection and retrospection about getting back into this and a new thing or two that I'll be doing this week. 

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