Saturday, 19 October 2019

Finishing touches...

Despite having an event coming up, I've had to really force myself to get to painting! A few early morning starts have helped to cobble together a paintjob on some classic Stormtroopers:

They're black and red in advance of the release of revised Inquisition rules in next month's White Dwarf. I'm optimistic they might become an actual list choice. Plus I really needed to not paint something green! 

They came second-hand and getting the original paint off was a real challenge but worth the effort as they are quite fun. Also, gotta love that weapon loadout. Not optimal. But then, when have I ever done anything that remotely resembles optimal? 

And here's the whole army ready to go for next weekend: 

The Valkryrie had to come off it's base to fit in the photo! Anyway, 1750 points of Guard is a lot - I'm putting nearly 80 infantry on the park I think. 

Next time
A comp report on how it all goes and some photos of the best of my games. I have low expectations of success but then that's never been the point of these things for me. I'm done for deadlines I think at that point so it might be back to fun projects (although slightly bitsy I suspect) for the rest of the year. 

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