Saturday, 5 October 2019

Warpstorm Inbound

Warpstorm is a few weeks away. I still have one unit to paint. And I have to finish stripping the paint off it first. So I did the easy job first - finishing the vehicles. 

First off, Sentinel 6 for my Sentinel Squadron:
Sentinel 6: Lascannon
Sentinel Squadron with longarms
A little part of me still wants to paint another 6 and have a full Sentinel company. I have a nice idea for how do to it kind of thematically, but it's really an appallingly bad idea.

I've also completed the Plasma Russ:
Dayglo blue is awesome

So much Russ!! 
The Plasma Russ seems quite terrible on paper, but if I can have a Techpriest durdling around after it repairing the inevitable 1s, then I should be golden.

Next Time
A battle report of some sort. Either the next story from the journey of Inquisitor Gnaeus Aldo and the hapless Cadian 33rd or a test game or two for Warpstorm to see what the world is like when I put X-FORCE on the park. I'm also working on tidying up a bunch of my Infinity models for our eventual first proper game of Zone Raiders so I might throw those in too. :)

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