Saturday, 9 November 2019


It was club day yesterday and it was a hoot of a day doing silly stuff. I played a great game of Warmachine with Tank in which he complained, well within reason, that I kept "Menothing" him. Which I did. Because that's what I do.

Tank ran his Cephalyx Operating Theatre and I broke out Kreoss2 and the Exmplar Interdiction Force. It wasn't much of a force, with Bastions and Seneschals.

The Menoth line advances
The monstrosities attack
Kreoss surrounded! 
This was where we ended - the Bastions charged from out of shot into Exulon Thexis and gave him absolutely what for! It was a close game and only thanks to a couple of poor rolls on Tanks part when his super Drudges didn't manage to kill Kreoss2. Once again, we remembered that Warmachine IS a good game.

Also, finally, Zone Raiders! McBeth and Pelarel played a game and I rulebooked for quick reference. We replayed the scenario from the quick start, but with all the rules this time, on Pel's new terrain from local NZ makers, Titan Terrain. It's lovely, BTW. Modular, cleverly designed and entertainingly detailed too.
Pink hair. Good camo. 
Sneaky ninja!  
The Reclaimers reclaiming
In a staggering reversal of the last game we played, nothing died. Ever. The lads went for several turns without doing so much as a wound until McBeth started connecting with Pel's VERY lightly armoured snipers who basically couldn't save. He also managed to save a couple of king hits from Pel's ninjas too to eventually take the win. 

It was a good lesson in army construction, model building, as well as how a few of the rules interactions we didn't have in the quick-start missions, especially how the exposed and crossfire rules work together. We did a post-game review of sorts and picked up some of the things we chose not to do - like the asymmetric missions and AI-driven on-board enemies. I think this is going to be a really interesting game once we get really stuck into the details.

I'm keen to do a full-detail batrep of this sooner rather than later but we need to have a couple more learning games to get the rules down fully. I think I would say though that McBeth walked away with the comment "a much nicer game to play than Infinity" and I would absolutely concur with that opinion. It does make me want to pick up a few other Infinity models to complement my collection though.

A few other pics! 

I've been meaning to chuck up a pic of Scotty's Imperial Fists. That yellow is amazing and the insane amount of work and skill that Scotty has put into painting them is evident.

The Shining Spears are blinded by the yellow! 
 Also, Tank and Richard (see Musings) played some Black Seas. I am sturdily resisting the siren call of the game but I will be the first to admit that it looks very good on table.
Mizzen the Mainmast! Keelhaul the Spinnaker!
Tank and Scotty also had a game of Warmachine. Scotty, using Mercenaries, managed to "Menoth" Tank again but this time he prevailed when Constance, even loaded up with souls, couldn't breach the armour of Cognifex Cyphon.
Those two Drudges did the business! 
Next Time
I'll post a couple of painted minis I think. Amzaingly while I have hammered through the models over the last twelve months, I'm suddenly staring at a bunch of primed models with no real work started on them! I'm looking forward to actually getting paint on models for a change.

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