Saturday, 2 November 2019

The Return to Frostgrave

It's been a tough couple of weeks for productive anything. The amount of work to paint an entire Imperial Guard army for a tournament has drained the painting-fu somewhat. But I have finished the last model for my third Frostgrave wizgang (see here for a definition of that ridiculous word) made up of classic GW Tzeentchian warriors and Beastmen. The Captain is the latest addition. 

The Wizgang Exec - Apprentice, Wizard and Captain
Man-at-Arms, Knight and Templar

Treasure Hunter, Tracker, Barbarian, Archers

Thieves and Crossbowdaemen
So that's the Chaos Wizgang. Super old school. If I'd been able to find the right generation of Horrors, I'd have been even happier but I do like these models.

And finally there's this little guy. I found a post I put up here in 2016 about getting around to painting him and I finally did. He's a super basic, old school Forest Goblin musician and will, at some point, come to the table as a bard in my Orc and Goblin warband. Because what is more orcy as far as music goes than a one-tone drum being hit with a bone???

Boop boop boop
Frostgrave 2 is due out mid-next year and I think we're all looking forward to giving it a blat. In the meantime, we've got some plans to play a bit with a couple of our own little tweaks in advance of the release. Amazingly, I still have one other wizgang that I'm still trying to finish - I'm retouching some Khemrians I picked up in the UK 10 years ago...

Next Time
It's club day next weekend. I don't know what's on the plan at this point but next week will be a batrep of whatever we wind up playing. It might be Warmachine or maybe Zone Raiders. Or something completely different. 

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