Saturday, 11 April 2020

Happy Easter Painting!

It's been a busy few days of the long weekend doing work around the house and in the garden so haven't spent as much time as I wanted to painting but I did get through a couple of things this week.

World Eaters
So. Much. White. But I love how it looks and will be an awesome contrast to the red of the daemons.

There's more 6mm to come next week, since Pooch and I agreed (mostly because I've been painting stuff I assumed was in my 50 PL quota that hasn't been there!) to do an extra 50 bonus points in April because of lockdown. :) So there'll be a full 100 PL next week - made up of most of the rest of the Khornate daemons. After that, it's going to be two months of wrapping up the Khorne models to start on part II of the project - Death Guard!

So the greater Earth Elemental is done.

I still really love this model and can't wait to have him on the table. Once I finish up the knights (...) I'll still need to get a set of Warlord treemen for the regular size Earth Elementals and I think some of the Oathmark Light Elven Infantry to build up as a proxy for the Naiad Ensnarers and Heartpiercers.

Man I cannot wait to get back to gaming. I am honestly really looking forward to putting some of this hard work to use on the table eh? I'm starting to think that I should clear off the table o'projects and do a bit of solo gaming. Might encourage me to finish some things as well.

Next Time
The last of April's Stupid and finally getting back into painting some 40K. Yep. I'm STILL putting off painting my last few Teutonic Knights. Man I am terrible. I might do the Pegasus base now to get back into the groove of doing the white and use that as the motivator to finish them.

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