Saturday, 22 August 2020

On the effectiveness of the FoW Panzerschreck...


I played a couple of test games with my Late War FoW with a couple of the lads in preparation for the event we're hoping to go to in October. First off I played Tank's Churchills which was a tough, tough match. Churchills are a struggle for StuGs and my real achievement (once I stopped assaulting after blitz moves) was realising how effective my wee infantry platoon was at chasing down armour. I only popped two of his five Churchills but it was a challenging game and things were going mostly okay until I had a couple of really bad turns and failed a lot of saves. 

This was close to the end as my brave lads assaulted M10s in Tank's deployment zone! 

The Churchill in the background got a panzerschreck in the rear. That was a proud moment. 

My second game was against Pelarel's Cromwells in a Counterattack. I got lucky with reserve rolls and managed to arrive in the rear of his spearheading army in the first turn which meant we fought the game in the quarter with no Objectives in it. I had some good dice when I needed it to chase down his M10s and honestly, 7 Cromwells vs. 3 StuGs in a hull-down position was a reasonably fair fight for me. I fought Stuarts with Pumas and the Pumas (with some timely StuG-based help) won that fight. I still lost most of the StuGs, half the Pumas and the Panzergrenadier platoon though. 

I learned a lot about the army from both games - I need to be less aggressive than I have been with my Marines in TY and I need to focus on using the high skill and motivation of my troops to get into good positions before attacking. The infantry are going to be key too as they are my answer to heavy armour.


I didn't have my transports yesterday and that was kind of fine, but I decided they needed to be finished and so they were! I have a couple more up my sleeve and I should probably make the last one that a full size platoon would need but I don't need it right now!

You can see from the photo above where the Pumas were at yesterday. I finished them off with some transfers and scrim today which I'm pretty happy with!

And finally, I did complete painting Kyria Draxus. She's a great model and I'll really look forward to getting her on the park.

Next Time

I realised it's been two years since I restarted blogging regularly next week so I should have a 2-year anniversary present for myself. But I have no idea what that'll be. 

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