Saturday, 29 August 2020

Test paints

 It's been a slow week at the painting desk. I've spent a lot of time pottering doing prep work on things, tidying the wreckage that is my desk and thinking about what I might do with my bits box and the bag o' sprues. The fact that most of my current projects are Battlefront or GW has meant the leftover sprues are getting a bit out of control. 

But I did knock off a couple of things this week as I'm trying to close out one project and get started on the next one.

I finished up the first of my three Questoris knights for the 6mm Stupid. This one took WAY longer than the Cerastus and I'm looking at the other two and not super excited about doing them. I'll get there by next weekend. Hopefully.

The transfers to mark these up as House Hyboras have arrived so when they're all finished, I'm going to have an epic session putting transfers on them and calling them done! 
I also did a test paint of my first Nighthaunt, otherwise known as the ghosties.

The paint scheme is a munging of several GW ones and some tinkering based on which paints I have at home. I really do love how the Nighthaunt Gloom and Ryza Rust technical paints work though - the easy blend on the ghosty tail bits looks really good given that it's just a base coat, wash, technical paint and then drybrush to finish. I'm sure I could paint it more deliberately than drybrushing but I really like the finish. The technical paints are a bit of a revelation and it really does make me wonder about trying out Contrast Paints too.

 Painting these guys is a slow process but I'll focus on batch painting the other six for this base over the next couple of weeks and see if I can finish the whole base up.

Next Time

Good question. We're on a longer break between gaming club days because of the fall of weekends, so I don't know. I'm definitely going to clear the last two Questoris and I might even have a crack at one of the characters I've got for the Nighthaunts as a challenge piece. The Knight of Shrouds is tempting me. 

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