Saturday, 5 September 2020

Test Paints come good!

Well colour me a happy painter! My test paints came up SUPER well when I finished them off. 

First off, some Questoris Knights, all armed with close combat weapons. Because if they're going to be knights devoted to Khorne, there's no way they're not going to be getting stuck in up close. I still need to do their transfers but I just haven't got to those yet. I need to do a bit more planning on how to create a slightly different pattern of markings on each one.

Questoris Knights of House Hyboras

All the Knights of House Hyboras

Secondly, the first base of ghosties! They took most of a day's painting to get through but once I'd got the order of colours sorted out it really was an exercise in just taking it one step at a time. McBeth suggested I put a final coat of white on them and I think I shall. I have no idea how anyone could use these on individual bases, especially without some serious weighting on the bases! I still need to base this unit - they're going to be getting staggeringly plain basing methinks.


The second base of ghosties has been primed and should be a bit more straight forward as they're just spectres rather than the big scary Reapers. And then a second base of Reapers and some characters. I've got some plans for the next set of painting projects for this army which I'm quite looking forward to. 

Next Time

More ghosties I suspect and some pics of whatever we wind up playing on club day. If I'm actually organised, I'll try and manage a coherent battle report for a change! 

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