Saturday, 19 September 2020

Catching up on the arms race...


And BOO!


This is the second base of ghosties for my Kings of War Nightstalkers army. These are GW Spirit Hosts and they'll be Spectres in KoW. I really enjoyed painting these - it's a slowish job but the finish is really nice. I decided that I would deviate from the recommended paint scheme and use a bit of Nighthaunt Gloom around the heads and shoulders to tie them closer to Reapers. Most pleased!

 Mistakes were made

I put the blame squarely on blogger Pooch for this one. He got a Warhound for The Stupid and when the opportunity came up for me to pick one up, I totally did. And so, I give you a Warhound titan of the Legio Vulpa:

Ululatus Os - The Howling Maw

Surprising no one, these models are as good as the knights. The little details, the trim and some lovely poseability. I really enjoyed painting it too. I'm not sure it comes up in the photo, but I did some research into other people's titans and there was a great model with a really textured surface. I derped around with some old kitchen sponge and created a really cool pattern on the big flat plates. The trim drove me to distraction more than a little but I love the finished product.  

And with wrecked Hawkshroud Armiger

Thanks to friend Canny, an amazing painter (check out his Insta!) and whiz with the 3d printing, whose excellent work you can see here and here, for the claw. I went for a hunt through Thingiverse for an Ursus Power Claw and came up with that beastie. I sent it to him for a print and he came back to tell me it was a touch large for the print bed. Seemingly it's for a 28mm Knight or maybe even a Titan! Anyway, some clever rescaling later, including the socket for the joint, and lo! I have a claw (pronounced clerw, of course!)

Next Time

Good question. I''m hoping to power through the second set of Reapers for my Kings of War Night Stalkers (so that I can have a legal army and maybe throw it on the board for the lols) and then I can reward myself with the amazing Knight of Shrouds. Otherwise, it's club day next week so I'm sure I'll book in a game of something, fail to take enough photos and generally blather my way through a batrep of some sort! 

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