Saturday, 2 January 2021

First Regimental of 2021


 So I went back to my planning post of 2020 to see what I was supposed to do this year and how well I managed that. I realised I pretty much abandoned thinking about that by about February so a quick goal review: 

  1. Add one thing per month to one of my 40K forces. Without going back and looking in too much detail, I think I managed this. I have 9 40K models unpainted that I haven't bought for a specific 2021 project. Glad to have got the Grey Knights and the Armigers done.
  2. Run a campaign of something for the lads at the club. Yeah, nah. COVID-19 pretty much tanked that one so calling this one a wash. I did run Curse of Strahd for my DnD group from late 2019 through to about August and it was a lot of fun. We're going to play some Edge of Empire next and the team will be bringing back their characters again this year sometime as they have found themselves ejected from Ravenloft and dumped in the snowy north of Faerun for Storm Kings Thunder.
  3. Complete my FoW Australians. Nope. Absolute fail here. Still not done. I can see the four small bases and 2 Sentinels still in the same corner of my painting desk they've been in since....oh dearie me.....July? Still. It'll get done this year.
  4. Do some cunning thinking about 653 SPzJgr. I did a lot of thinking about this and have acquired all the parts to make it work effectively as a Grenadier company. It's not great, but I reckon it's got legs. I saw on Breakthrough Assault that it's a force in the Late War Bagration book but given that it requires 5 Ferdinands (unlike the v3 version, that required 2 and a Tiger 1(P)) it's not really fieldable for anything other than oversized scenario games.
  5. Complete my Brotherhood army for Kings of War 3E. Done! Clearly and cleanly. A good use of the additional time I got for painting during lockdown.
  6. Complete the stupid. I stopped working on World Eaters in June and spent most of the rest of the year working on Titans. Did I do 50PL of Apocalypse each month? And then some with all those Knights and Titans! :)

So calling it a 4/5 since I'm not counting item 2. Not all bad.


 So what's on the plan for 2021? Nothing that structured, that's for damn sure! While I'm genuinely more optimistic about the world's prospects for this year, on a personal level I'm not going to commit to anything that might get derailed by more COVID, more lockdown, more whatever. Having said that, there are a few things on the boil:

About to go out for priming

1) Flames of War and Team Yankee - I'm keen to do a snow-based Flames army and Grenadiers are what I have decided on. I've done a lot of the support weapons, so this next stage is painting the infantry, mortars and HMGs. For TY, I'll be looking at some list changes to make competing with the vastly more terrifying later-Cold War Soviet gear. I have a few ideas at the moment, but they all involve painting more MASSTER. Urgh. I've picked up some M1s and some Bradleys to kick that off though.

2) 40K Crusade - we're planning a run at Crusade, driven heavily by a narrative, this year and for some people to slow-grow new armies or in my case, slow grow into the 9e Deathwatch. I'll be kicking off with a 500 point army made up of Phobos-armoured sneaky marines!

3) Frostgrave - I think another Frostgrave Wizgang. Because I want to. There is no other reason. 

4) Something old - I've been talking with Blogger Scotty about trying some Warmachine Brawl. It is a game I still enjoy and would like to get some of my gear back on the park. There's still a fairly vibrant community in Wellington so I should try and take advantage of that. 

5) Something new - definitely Adeptus Titanicus this year. I'm looking foward to some serious God Engine smashery. 

Actual Stuff

And since I'm rapidly approaching the end of the Ghosties project (I just built the Hexwraith cavalry and ZOMG I love those models A LOT) I decided that I'd treat myself to the centrepiece over the Christmas break, and thus I give you Kurnoss Valentian, the Craven King:

Float me closer! I want to hit it with my mace!

I tossed up between this model and Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief, for the big based model and decided I could get a better finish on this model than Olynder. So the Craven King will be riding his chair into combat as one of the four or five Titans that are permitted in the Nightstalkers list in Kings of War. 

Next Time

First club day of the year this weekend and we'll be playing some Frostgrave 2e for a light and breezy start to 2021. I'll also be working on the two bases of Dreadscythe Harridans to move me very close to the end of the Ghosties. 

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