Monday, 11 January 2021

Pooch's plan for 2021....

So, last year was... well, successful on the "me achieving goals" front, but less successful on the whole "everything going on in the world" front....

The first one I can deal with for 2021, the second? Well that's going to take the whole world doing what it needs to, that's not just on me!

Unlike the last two years, I am going for less goals, but keeping the focus in on getting things achieved that I have (in the past) otherwise failed to achieve. With that in mind then, my goals for 2021 are:

1. Finish a table of terrain

I have no less than.... four tables (I think) of terrain bought, currently unassembled, started or nearing completion. I want to increase the terrain that I have available, to the point where I am not entirely reliant on others for the games I want to play. Added bonus is helping me to have better facilities to have games at my place!

2. Play a game a month

This was the goal that I swapped away from last year. I would still like to get into the habit of playing more games, and setting myself the goal of actually doing it might help. Should we get put into lockdown again it might struggle, but... i'm choosing to be optimistic on that!

3. Finish a 1,500 point 40k army

I love making new armies. So, I'm going to make one! My plan is to do a slow grow of an army, adding something each month and having a narrative campaign days staged throughout the year to help me focus in on actually building a list, not just an odd collection of things. 

4. Finish armies that I have part started

Oh there are so many of these. Much like the terrain, some are close to finished, others are further away. All need work, and all need to have more effort put into them. I've got armies like Kings of War, Team Yankee and Flames of War are all sitting there, needing just that last push to get them finished up and delivered. 

5. Buy, build and play a new game

Don't know what this one will be. McZ talked about Warmachine. Pelarel has talked about Star Wars Legion. Tank has talked about Kings of War Armada. I have been tempted by Victory at Sea (because ships!). Or it could be any number of other things that I haven't even thought about yet.....

So there you have it, five goals, but with the potential to achieve these goals more than one time in a year, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for me to succeed! 

Let's see how I get on....

The eyes of the Imperium are watching.....


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