Wednesday, 13 January 2016

On The Eleventh Game of Gamesmas....

The magpies gave to me, Dead Man's Hand!
Ahhh, back to one of my favourites genres, The Ol' West. McZermof and myself decided to break out Clearmont (see above) and play (McZ's) Mexican Banditos against my good old wholesome Outlaws. We had a ring in as my Bro-in-law Doug joined us for the evening. The first scene was a rescue from the "For A Few Models More" act in the main rulebook, called Hang 'Em High. McZ took on the roll of the Bad Guys with his Mexicans trying to rescue a compadre from the Outlaws noose (Doug).
Each side had 3 normal dudes of 2 rep each. The Mexicans had two with pistols and one with a repeater rifle, the Outlaws had two armed with pistols and one with a shotgun. Gunfire was exchanged furiously until Doug made a bold move and charged into point blank range with his shotgun and shot Bendy Bendy Rodriguez in the head.
This gave McZ the impetus to make a run for the prisoner. He also started a firefight with an outlaw in Rogan's Bar - the two spent 3 rounds shooting point blank at each other for a few light wounds (not a window was left unbroken in the place though)
The second Mexican was gunned down trying to protect the prisoner - forcing the Mexicans to withdraw and their compadre back to the gallows.
The Second scene in this act was GET ME OUT! This time the Mexicans tried to break an injured compadre out of jail. They had 4 normal dudes (Tank Engine in charge this time) and the Outlaws (Doug) had a Gun Fighter and two normal dudes. The scene opened with the Mexicans making a run for it - the Outlaws tried to pin them down but with the initiative, the Mexicans made it to cover.
The second turn saw Pedro Rodriguez shoot Injun Joe right through the heart in a risky - but successful move. Doug saw his opportunity and came screaming in with his dead eye gun fighter, who missed every shot :( Bendy Rodriguez (who had a miraculous recovery from his death in the previous game) took careful aim at the Gun Fighter and let loose with his repeating' rifle only to discover he had forgotten to load it. The gun fight continued for a round with a few hits being registered but no real damage, until Bendy could reload, but Doug had a plan. He played the Upstanding Citizen card on Bendy (ending his activation) but it meant the shopkeeper leaped out from the back of the Sheriffs office and shot at Bendy (but missed). Bendy swung his rifle and bashed the Shopkeeper into submission.
A lucky shot saw off the Outlaws Gun Fighter and the Mexicans made a break for it and escaped with their compadre, with the last Outlaw running from the town with his tail between his legs.
There was plenty of blood in the streets.
It was great to break out Dead Man's Hand again. It was fast and fun and even Doug (non wargamer) had it mastered within a turn or two. It has a very cinematic feel and, in my opinion, it is the best Ol' West game out there at the moment (and yep I have tried a few). The terrain is a mix of Game Craft Miniatures, Sarissa, Black Flag, 4ground and home made and the cool game mat is from Hotz Matz. YEEHAA!


  1. great looking table their Tom, especially the house with wall framing all exposed. looks like a fun game

    1. You should try the game, Mark, it's a cracker.
      That house under construction is the 4ground one - nice model to have in the town. not sure it provides that much cover though :)