Friday, 8 January 2016

On the tenth Game of Gamesmas

The magpies gave me Bolt Action by Warlord Games!

So game number 10 sees Scotty with his recently painted Hungarians face off against my British (Kiwi) army.

This was my third game of BA and number one for Scotty, with McZermof on hand to see if he wants to play this game and also be the "dice out of bag selector".... though he may of just wanted to see if he could mess up both of our cunning plans :-)

We rolled up "Hold until Relieved" and after much thinking Scotty decided I can be the defender.

What followed was a super fun game, that ended up in a glorious 7 turn draw.

My feeling is that BA is going to be the game I would like to play the most often in 2016, it is fun/silly and is very hard to take too serious. Plus 28mm WW2 is super nice to paint and look at.

Here are some pictures of the action. These are in no real order

The table

The defenders on the crossroad

Hmm that is a lot of pin markers, also the British artillery seems to be quite close to us.

The left flanking force, by the end the Hungarian Nimrod was still in the fight, after being immobilized by the Staghound 

Yet more pin markers on the defenders, and someone looking very happy  

This is the part that went wrong for us, with those pin markers on the infantry and with both NCO's killed both infantry squads decided to sit still for 3 turns.

Nimrod hunting kiwis

In the distance is a super nice heavy artillery model

Veteran Hungarians about to get up to mischief

Recce is crazy good in BA

Hunting command teams with a Arty observer

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