Thursday, 31 December 2015

On the 6th Game of Gamesmass

The magpies gave to me: a game of Impetus with Prinny! (Rhyming is funzors).

*Image copyright Dadi & Piombo

Prinny and I had a game of Impetus using our medieval armies. Prinny with his 12th century English and me with my 11th century Scots. This was in the hope that the game would give Tim enough impetus (pun) to finish his beautiful English knights!.

 My Viking general was captured in a combat between my Huscarls and Prinny's mercenary long Spear. Thorfinn spent the rest of the game watching the battle from the English side of the table,

The game was a classic Scottish v English fight. The massed English cavalry charged the massed Scottish spear and made some head way through the Scots, the counter attack from the Scottish cavalry was unusually deadly. The two elements of Light Horse cantered around the English right flank, destroying a unit of archers on the way and the Norman knights managed to sit behind the Scottish line all game right up until the point where the English King and his retinue broke through the Scottish line right in front of the Normans. The Normans charged the King in the flank and ran over the top of the retinue, routing the English command. Bloodied but unbowed the, Scots carried the day, chasing the English off the field of battle.

As you can see from the pics, the English army is still needing a lot of work but what there is there is bloody fantastic!

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