Saturday, 23 January 2016

Pooch's Intro, and a Magpie list


Hi all, my name is Pooch, and I am a game-o-holic....

The rest of the Regimenters asked me to do a bit of an intro, although that seems to have just been so that they can blame me for their other posts! But anyway, I have been gaming for ages, like most of the Regimenters I played a LOT of Flames of War, before I really stretched out into any number of other historical periods. I have been co-authoring a modern ruleset Skirmish Sangin, and you can find the zombie blog here to support the zombie game Skirmish Outbreak which I also coauthored.

And since it is apparently my fault that we are talking about our plans for the year (aka Magpie List), it only seems right that I submit one of these too! Like the rest of the Regiment, I have a number of games which I want to play, paint or look at starting. Unlike some of the other magpies, I am not very good at buying into games other people play, which means I have a lot of random things painted/half painted/not started. While that works out sometimes (see 6mm Team Yankee), it more often than not means that I just end up with yet another box of stuff that never gets used.

So my goal for this year? Paint and finish things so that I can play the games people are playing.

Simple, right? Stealing the list of games from McB and McZ:

Warmachine / Hordes
This isn't a game for me, and I am going to keep hiding from it. So nothing here!

I played my first game of Frostgrave yesterday, and it was.... random. Turns out if you give my dice the opportunity to kill me, they will definitely take that opportunity! But still, painting wizgangs is fun, and it does mean I get to pull out some of my old random GW figures. I have so far completed a Lizardmen band (more on them forthcoming).

Next up I think I want to paint up my Skaven wizgang, which means getting a Grey Seer to lead them

Flames of War
I haven't played this game in quite a while, but there is a competition called Panzershrek that me and a buddy have been meaning to get along to for a really long time!

Trick is, I sold all of my FOW. All of it.

So, that means I need to get a 1000 point FOW army, whatever that might be!

Team Yankee
TY is a good find I think. I like using 6mm tanks, and have found it interesting enough to play so far. I haven't got the tactics for NATO clear in my head, but have enjoyed the games I have played of it. Extra bonus is I have an absolute ton of material for it, and a good chunk is painted well too!

So plan with TY is to paint the remaining US, strip the British and repaint the whole lot and buy and paint the required elements so that I can have a full Russian force too!

Another game which I own, but haven't managed to do anything with. I bought Prinny's spare Aleph force, and then promptly put it in a box and never did anything with it. In January I pulled out a single bot and tested a colour scheme on it, and so now it is just a case of working through all of the models.

So I need to paint all of the Aleph I own, and then maybe buy and paint any other Aleph I decide I would like BUT only after finishing the army and playing at least one game!

Ok. So I need to be honest here. I am RUBBISH at completing Impetus armies. In fact, the list of armies which I have started and part finished goes:
  • Imperial Romans (twice)
  • Greeks
  • Persians
  • Hun
  • Celts
  • Thirty Years War Spanish
  • Italian Wars Papal States
  • Spartans (yes, two attempts at Greeks!)
  • And I am sure I have forgotten some... 
In every case, I painted up a base or two and then get bored or distracted, then promptly forget how to paint them, and so get frustrated. But not this time. I am going to complete a Norman army, using the Conquest Games plastic figures, and I am going to get them done for V3.

Yep. I am in this one too. I currently have the British Light Infantry in a bag, for me to paint. Hoping to pull them out once the current painting queue is clear

Bolt Action
This is definitely one I am keen on getting into properly. I have just finished my first army, and have no less than 3 others in various stages of completion, so there is plenty of work to do here!

Beyond the games above, there is a giant list of other things I have which I want to have a go at, or complete. Things like In Her Majesty's Name and Napoleonics, and that is before you even start to consider my Moderns and Zombie gaming! My other goal for the year in this space is to take this mountain of unpainted kits and other stuff: 

Before you yell "That's not much"- I promise that it isn't the whole lot :)
And turn it into fully painted things which I can either display, or use in gaming.
Keeping on track?
Well, to keep myself on track (because of my inability to stay on task), I am going to put up a post each month of how I am tracking against all of the above.
Wish me luck, if nothing else, it will be entertaining watching me fail...


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