Wednesday, 30 December 2015

On the 5th Game of Gamesmas......

the magpies gave to me...

an Unbound game of Warmachine

So Pelarel, McZermof and the Tank Engine have been hanging out to roll out 150 points of Warmachine in the Unbound format for Warmachine found in the Colossals Book from Privateer Press.

This version is played on a 6x4 table and has to be because of the model count needing the space.

From left to right, far side, army layout, Three Asphyxious (Mechthralls x 2, Kraken, Wraith Engine, Stitch Thralls, Pistol Wraiths x 2), Exulon Thexus (Wrecker, Subduer, Mind slavers, Mind Benders, Overlords, Agitators, Bloat Thralls x 2, Pistol Wraiths x 2) and Epic Deneghra (Nightmare, Bane Knights, Bone chickens x 2, Withershadow combine, Pistol Wraiths x 2)

From Left to right, Avatar by himself, Harbinger (Devout, Paladins x 2, Vilmon, Gravus, Rhoven, Knights Exemplar, Knight Errants, Idrians, A and H, The book, wracks, Gorman), Epic Reznik (Reckinor x 2, vassals x 2, Battle Engine, Choirs x lots) and Vladamir (Ruin, Battle Wagon, Assault Commando's, Eliminators x 2, Widowmakers, Widowmaker solo, Kell Balloch, Fenris, Drakun)

As you can see from the deployment shot there are plenty of painted models....can you spot the two unpainted ones....

Pelarel and I teamed up to surprise the Menoth and Khador alliance that McZermof and the Tank engine had dreamed up. The scenario was one where the attackers had to destroy three buildings in five turns. Each building was ARM 18 with 100 boxes, so no mean feat, gentle reminder here players remember the scenario, always remember the scenario.

Each Round is diced off for which team will activate a battlegroup, up to four units and four solos, this alternates between sides until all casters have been, usually four turns as you have to tidy up the left over solos and units.

So the highlights or low lights depending on your point of view. As well as the hilarious situations and in true Regiment form abysmal and spectacular diced rolling (we don't do mediocre)

End of round one we all ran it is what you do on turn one after all....except for Pelarel who tuned up his mechthralls and charged the far left building doing 89 Damage (BAM), this of course lead us to believe that buildings were easy to kill....they aren't.

Round Two casualties start to occur.....The Harbinger Feats and stalls the Cryxian centre, though after some considerable efforts and particularly bad dice rolling (Scotty) we manage with a last gasp to destroy the left hand building, though this left the dastardly Menothians room for revenge. Please note the centre of the Cryxian line.....

On the far right Ruin had been charged by Bane and hurt though he took his revenge stamping his way though 5 of them threatening Denny who had feated to lower the defense on the assault commando's and widowmakers.

The Idrians had come forward and made mincemeat of the drudges, though Thexus had his revenge, lining them all up for sprays outside of Harbingers Feat.

Round Three....

The round that shall forever be remembered as McZermof and the Tank Engine rolls some you see it...... you don't. This was the result of Rezniks Feat, Reckinor into the Kraken and things generally going boom.

That does not mean we didn't take revenge oh Pelarel and I kill lots of stuff the problem was as I said at the start, remember the scenario. We had killed off one building but only scratched the other two and with our forces disappearing quickly we had run out of punch to finish the job......

The table looks pretty empty, that is cause it was, stuff had died left, right and centre but without any heavies or damage dealers Pelarel and I had to concede as time and the ability to actually win were against us.

Unbound is a fun rule set, things learnt:
- prepare lists for the scenario
- give yourself plenty of time, this took us 7 hours for 5 turns....was fun though
- oh and remember the scenario!


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