Sunday, 6 December 2015

To Infinity and Beyond!!!

well, not quite.. The Magpie-ism hasn't quite extended to playing games populated by popular Disney Characters.. yet... Though, with Disney now owning the Star Wars franchise, technically.... ;o)

Anyway, Prinny decided to shift off a few of the Microarts Studios MDF buildings so I picked them up. Thankfully they were already assembled so I just had to crack out the airbrush to get them on the table. Rather than the same grey that I'd used on my buildings, these ones have been brought out with a little splash of colour. I managed to get a game with them with Mr Snook - dastardly Haqqislam invading the territory of the valiant Yu Jing (no prizes for guessing who was who ;o) )

 The mat under the buildings is made up of a couple of the paper base mats from the Infinity two player starter. The cardboard buildings and containers are available from Dat Ape for around $20, two sets fills a 4x4 pretty nicely once you add a little extra scatter terrain. I've covered them with that shiny plastic cover you use for school books to help it last a bit longer. Next time I'll arrange them so that the black band is in the opposing deployment zones - each of the paper sheets is only 24" x 32" so there's a bit of space to fill.
 the scenario we played was from the main rule book, there are 4 consoles in no-man's land that need to be hacked. points are scored at the end of the game if you're the only player to hack a given console - if both players have hacked the same console then an opposed WIP role is needed to see who actually got the info. You also get points for dominating a board quarter at the end of each game turn... not many points scored this way!
 the Kaisotsu HMG and one of his Multirifle armed buds take covering fire positions on the right flank
The Haqqislam forces marshal, ready to push into the city to download the corporate secrets from the 4 consoles...
The main Yu Jing force advances up the left flank with the Keitsotsu hacker - who resolutely refuses to hack anything and the Medic (standing on the entrance ramp to the garage) who I think has an organ transplant sideline as he manages to kill both unconscious team members he administers to :(.

In spite of everything, the Yu jing manage to see off the Haqqislam by hacking 1 console to none - a ninja hacker on the right flank hacked a console on turn 1 before being gunned down by a sniper!

All of the buildings have been given an MDF base and a lucky search on Trademe located a 0.5" Hex stamp - worlds most tedious jigsaw ensues!!

only 5 more buildings to go! :)

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