Wednesday, 23 December 2015

On the 3rd game of Gamesmas

The magpies gave to me:
An rpg from the world of Infinity

And a liberal amount of Sake to smooth the flow of the game :-)

Most of us have been enjoying the Infinity tabletop game for a while so, when Modiphius put up the kickstarter for the RPG I had to put my money where my mouth is!

As part of the development, Modiphius put together a quick start taster of the system as a free download.

The system is an interesting one where the addition of your stat and skill set a target number that you must roll equal to or under to get a success on a D20. The difficulty for the task is set by the number of successes you need to roll. An easy task would require one success whilst and epic one would need 5! The base roll for a skill only has 2 dice but you can spend infinity points to gain successes or give the GM heat points to buy extra dice. The GM can then use heat to trigger abilities for antagonists or boost rolls.

The scenario was a simple "body guard the alien ambassador" on a space station above a war zone. Needless to say, things go south quickly.

We really enjoyed the 2D20 sysyem and felt the combat was fast and reasonably deadly - as it should be!

Definitely looking forward to my KS rewards being delivered in February/March.

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  1. A great setting and the system was really good fun, especially when I got to use my flamethrower :)